Tom Wilkinson

Tom Wilkinson has been a sports betting expert and sports betting columnist for the last 25 years. His extensive experience started in Las Vegas in the 1980’s and continued around the country during the 1990’s.

An expert sports bettor and poker player, Tom has written for various publications and websites around the world, and he will now share his expertise as our feature columnist. Born in Dallas, Texas, Tom has a wide variety of experience in both sports betting and poker playing.  Tom has extensive experience in writing NFL, college football, basketball, hockey, soccer, UFC and more. 

From the early days of Las Vegas gaming to the current sports betting options available at sportsbooks today, Tom has seen it all.  Look for his expertise as he covers the many aspects of sports betting around the world today.

You can contact Tom at [email protected]

You can follow Tom on Twitter @thomasj19

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BookMaker.euThis isn’t the season that anyone wanted, but we all are trying to make the best of it. Given the constraints imposed on the country and the sports world due to the coronavirus, the MLS season has taken on a World Cup style tournament format. Teams have been split into six different groups, where they will face each other in a round-robin format to decide who goes to the knockout round. Atlanta United and the New York Red Bulls have been placed with the two Ohio teams in Group E, and the former ...  More

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