Mike Rose


Mike is a die hard of everything Chicago and one that bleeds the crimson and blue of his beloved Jayhawks. He was a successful sports handicapper for a number of years before establishing a content distribution company that covers all the major sports from an investing point of view for a number of highly acclaimed sports media outlets. He's in the learning phase of tackling the daily grind of fantasy sports, but has caught on quickly and expects his sports betting background to lead him and his readers to greener pastures. You can find him on Twitter @MikeRose77

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BookMaker.euWith the nasty little Coronavirus otherwise known as COVID-19 shutting down the vast majority of sports across the globe, sports bettors have been forced to satisfy their wagering appetites by other means. Some have gone the route of Extreme Marble Racing while others have hitched their wagon to E-Sports which looks fantastically positioned to become even more popular than it already is with its ability to allow for social distancing and still compete. But another avenue that’s started to get mo...  More

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