Trump Gets Serious as He Finds a Voice and a Vision

July 6-10 US Elections Betting Coverage

Cancel culture is eating left and right alive. To many on the conservative side there is some naturally delicious irony in seeing politically correct virtue signaling “progressives” going through the same hell that they have put conservatives through over the past several years. Indeed, many leftists that may have thought of themselves as “bullet proof” have discovered that they are not. So, pardon some conservatives taking delight in their schadenfreude. Not that the right is getting any mercy from the left but the point being cancel culture has become a hysteria that has triggered the word “McCarthyism” from some unsuspected sources.

In the face of all of this President Donald Trump has taken a much more serious, somber, and disciplined message that may have stopped the bleeding of his campaign. Trump seems to have finally confronted the reality of the danger facing America. An out of control small but motivated minority is destroying national monuments, pulling down statues, stomping on and burning the flag, tying up traffic and not apologizing for any of it. Worse still is that they have the full support of the “news” media and “education” establishment. Trump’s demeanor is one of resolve to stop it. But can he? And if he can, is he really willing?

2020 US Presidential Election Odds

Donald Trump +135

Joe Biden -148

All Others +7500 or greater

2020 Democrat Vice Presidential Nominee Odds

Kamala Harris -116

Val Demings +706

Tammy Duckworth +1059

Susan Rice +340

Elizabeth Warren +2136

Michelle Obama +2136

All Others +3100 or Higher

2020 US Presidential Election Odds Overview and Analysis

President Donald Trump improved by 15 cents over last week’s price on his reelection chances. Trump may have stopped the bleeding but there is much yet to do if he is to win back supporters that believe he hasn’t done enough to fill the void left by Democrats that have allowed their cities to be taken over by angry anarchist mobs. Meanwhile presumptive Democrat nominee, former Vice President Joe Biden, hides in his Delaware bunker in the attempt to run the stall. Biden and the Democrats have not impressed the public with their silence at the violence. But Republicans are coming off as gutless and useless in providing action and a stark contrast.

Cancel Culture Totalitarians Show Themselves to America

This past week the CEO of Boeing was forced to resign because of an article that he wrote all the way back in 1987 in which he stated that women should not serve in combat. That’s right, it was written in 1987. A college professor at UCLA was fired and given police protection because he would not let African American students to skip taking final exams. Other education professionals are being fired or passed up for promotion due to papers or lectures given decades ago that don’t perfectly fit the hard-left agenda. Trump supporters on Twitter and Facebook have been fired after left wing trolls hounded their employers with threats of boycotts. If North Korea was searching for an expansion franchise America would seem to fit the bill. But in this has come opportunity for Trump.

Trump Illustrates Contrast With Left and Silent Democrats

President Trump gave a tight speech at Mount Rushmore on July 3. He did not go off script nor did he ramble with his typical braggadocio. It was the President’s somber and serious tone that struck observers as much as the words. In his speech Trump discussed cancel culture and the desecration of monuments and statues. He praised the Founding Fathers as he tied in Martin Luther King and civil rights. The overriding theme that Trump presented was protecting a nation that has created more common good than any other in the history of the world. He pointed out how schools teach students to hate their own country. And he stated that he would fight against that. He just may have finally found his reason to run for reelection.

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