Blue Cities Explode as Trump Makes Moves

It was an ugly political week all around in the United States as Minneapolis was being burned to the ground and looted with glee after the despicable killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police. The video of the incident went viral and set off some well-intentioned protests but also some opportunistic rioting and looting. The violence quickly spread to numerous cities throughout the United States. The important and righteous cause of pointing out unnecessary police brutality and killings was set afire by malicious groups that cleaned out stores, many of them upscale in nature.

Making matters worse the looters were recorded on video carrying out their stolen goods smiling at the TV and phone cameras accounting of it all. The phoniness of it all nauseated many voters who don’t equate the joy of stealing $1000+ Louis Vuitton purses with civil rights.

It was later learned that much of the violence was caused by out of state criminals that have been looking for a reason to go full-blown anarchy. Innocent people were hurt, at least one killed, and had their homes and businesses destroyed.

What has been noticed by some astute politicos, including President Donald Trump, is that these police incidents and the violence that followed is all taking place in one-party Democrat strongholds where Republicans are rarely seen, heard, and have ZERO policy input. And that could turn some voters for the Presidential election this fall.

2020 US Presidential Election Odds

Donald Trump -120

Joe Biden +120

2020 Democrat Vice Presidential Nominee Odds

Kamala Harris +175

Amy Klobuchar +325

Elizabeth Warren +700

Michelle Obama +750

Val Demings +900

Stacey Abrams +1200

Gretchen Whitmer +1500

Susan Rice +1600

2020 US Presidential Election Odds Overview and Analysis

The riots that took place in deep blue cities will certainly not help the Democrat cause. Presumptive Democrat nominee Joe Biden was hidin’ at the peak of the violence. Trump has called out the one-party Democrat cities for virtue signaling and running for the hills instead of stopping the violence, rampaging property destruction and theft. No other Republican would have the nerve to do such a thing and in this way the President has again separated himself as a fighter that will not cower like past Republican losers John McCain, Mitt Romney, and Paul Ryan.

Big Tech and WHO Trumped

Twitter has been a big part of President Trump’s success in that he has used it to go around the “news” media which has become nothing more than the publicity department of the Democrat Party. But the President has been caught up in the fact that Twitter itself is run by the extreme hard left. And the social media giant has now gone too far. They have begun to censure and “fact check” Republicans while ignoring the lies of the Russia hoax and in particular the outright slander and fraud perpetrated by US Representative Adam Schiff and many “journalists” who knowingly passed along false information against Trump as “news” even though it clearly was not.

By doing this Twitter trapped entrapped itself into the truth of it being a political operation with an agenda that supports one political party while opposing another. In essence they are no longer a public forum but instead a “news” website that can be held to libel laws.

Trump signed an executive order demanding that Twitter’s assault on the first amendment and façade of being a “public forum” come to an end. Senator Marco Rubio of Florida said that more issues could be brought up against Twitter if they continue to intervene in deleting or censoring Republican tweets.

Meanwhile the President has totally cut off funding for the World Health Organization after exposing its many failures during the COVID-19 crisis and for its being nothing more than a sock puppet for the Communist Chinese government. American tax payers have been fleeced by the WHO, especially considering its utter failure at protecting the world from the coronavirus while instead pimping for China.

Many voters will agree with Trump that Big Tech is far too powerful and that America should stop setting taxpayer money on fire with organizations that achieve nothing of help to the USA.

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