2020 US Presidential Elections - Never a Dull Moment

October 5-11 US Elections Betting Coverage

The news that President Donald Trump contracted the coronavirus was just the latest in the most insane year, especially political year, in modern United States history. As soon as Trump was admitted to the Walter Reed Hospital last Friday the 2020 US Presidential Election Odds were taken off the board. With the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the United States Supreme Court, a battered economy that is showing healthy signs of recovery, a vice presidential debate this week, two more presidential debates still scheduled, and the element of nonstop surprise when it comes to Donald Trump, it may be just as well that the oddsmakers catch their breath before the wildest ride and final month of the most intense and hated presidential election since the invention of electronic media.

2020 US Presidential Election Odds

Off the Board

2020 US Presidential Election: Tuesday, November 3, 2020

2020 US Presidential Election Odds Overview and Analysis

It was interesting to note that Joe Biden’s price increased by a dime right after the first debate that took place one week ago. Yet most polls showed that viewers called President Trump the winner. This is just the latest of many discrepancies that show a disconnect between the “news” media and regular real American voters. Gamblers reacted to the “news” that Trump was an obnoxious bully and boar before the actual polls came out which showed the populace considered him the winner.

Trump Gets Good Economic News

On the day it was announced that President Trump had contracted the coronavirus the latest economic numbers came out that showed improved unemployment numbers. In fact, as incredible as it is in the wake of a long COVID-19 economic shutdown, President Trump’s unemployment numbers are better than Barack Obama’s were at the same point in their respective presidencies. And the best is likely still to come as America continues to pull out of the shutdown. Stock market performance remains at record highs too. Americans will be getting some good-looking 401K retirement and third quarter investment statements in the month of October which should help Trump as well.

Amy Coney Barrett

President Trump’s nomination of Amy Coney Barrett of course sparked hysteria and hate from the Democrats that were screaming for a delay. A couple of Republican senators were also diagnosed with COVID-19 last week sparking glee from “journalists” thinking that there will be no Supreme Court vote because of Senators being unavailable. Such hopes are ignoring the sheer force of Trump and his determination to get the seat filled. When the heat was full blown in the fall of 2018 over Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination Trump held fast and demanded that Republicans ensure he was voted on to the bench. Further, the Republican base will never forgive any senators or the party itself if they blow this historic opportunity.

The Debates

Although it was President Trump that was bashed for interrupting and acting aggressive during the debate a replay showed it was Joe Biden that started the food fight. There are also videos of “journalists” praising Biden for his obnoxious behavior against Paul Ryan in the 2012 vice presidential debate when Biden was constantly making faces and acting like the joker buffoon he always was. Now these same “journalists” are criticizing Trump for fighting back. There are two more debates scheduled and assuming that Trump’s prognosis is good they will take place. Biden will be hard pressed to top Trump, who is the rare Republican that dares to fight back.


As expected, the Democrats lacked the class and maturity to show decency over Trump getting COVID-19. Biden (or more likely his handlers) sent out an insincere tweet wishing the President well but most other Democrat tweets and comments were beyond the pale. A former Obama staffer even wished for Trump’s death.

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