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NFL Week 4 Ugly Dog Picks

Are you ready for another week of ugly dog picks in the NFL? We are off to a sizzling start this season, as we were 3-1 in Week 1, 5-1 in Week 2 and 2-1 last week. That makes it 10-3 on the season. Some of the best bets in the NFL each week are oftentimes wagers on teams that are considered the worst in the league. If you want to win money betting NFL games then you need to be willing to take teams no one else wants to bet. We refer to these teams as ugly dogs and you really have to hold your nose sometimes when you bet on them, but history has shown that going against the public works. We had just three plays last week, but we have five games to look at this week. Let’s look at the NFL Week 4 Ugly Dog picks.

Week 4 Ugly Dog Picks

Let me point out one fact that you are probably already aware of. When you bet these games, you are usually better off waiting until Sunday morning to make your wagers because you will probably get a better number than what I list from earlier in the week.

Houston Texans +4.5 vs. Los Angeles Chargers

The Texans should really be 0-3, but they lucked out and got a tie in Week 1. Houston is one of the worst teams in the league and on paper they should get routed by the Chargers. The Chargers are not off to a good start this season and Justin Herbert is playing hurt, but Los Angeles should still win this game. The Texans look ugly, but that is what this column is all about. We’ll take the Texans plus the points.

Washington Commanders +3.5 at Dallas Cowboys

The Commanders are another sorry football team this season. They are poorly coached, as despite what people think about Ron Rivera, he is not a good coach. Carson Wentz is no better than what they had last year at quarterback and the defense is not very good. The Cowboys actually look better with Cooper Rush at quarterback than they did with Dak Prescott. This line looks short, as the Commanders are not a good team, but we take the ugly dog and go with Washington plus the points.

Seattle Seahawks +4.5 at Detroit Lions

The Seahawks are another bad team. Seattle should be 0-3 but Denver found a way to lose to Seattle in Week 1. The Lions at least have a capable offense that can put points on the board and that is more than you can say about the Seahawks. This should be a high scoring game, as neither team has a defense, so perhaps the Seahawks can stay close. This one is still ugly, as we take the Seahawks plus the points.

New York Jets +3.5 at Pittsburgh Steelers

The Jets got their lone win a couple of weeks ago, but they are not a good team. Joe Flacco is an aging backup quarterback who is throwing way too often. The Steelers are also not a good team and there is not much to like about Pittsburgh. We put the Jets in the ugly dog category simply because they seem to be there every week. We’ll take New York plus the points.

New England Patriots +10.5 at Green Bay Packers

Is there an uglier dog this week than the New England Patriots with Brian Hoyer at quarterback? The Patriots were not very good with Mac Jones under center and now they have Hoyer at quarterback. Does anyone really think New England has any chance to go into Green Bay and be competitive? This line might actually go higher, as the public bets the Packers. This column is all about taking the ugly dogs and there is not a team uglier than the Patriots this week. We take the points with New England.

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