Baltimore Ravens Now Favored in Super Bowl Odds

Baltimore Ravens Now Favored in Super Bowl Odds

There are six teams listed with single-digit odds to win Super Bowl LIV led by the Baltimore Ravens at odds of just over 2-1. The Ravens are getting a lot of love from bettors, and it is hard to argue, as the Ravens have looked unstoppable on offense with Lamar Jackson having an MVP season. Despite the fact that New England lost to Baltimore, the Patriots are still getting respect in terms of Super Bowl odds, as they are the second choice in the betting at odds of 5-1. Let’s look at the latest Super Bowl odds.

Super Bowl LIV Odds

Baltimore Ravens +238

New England Patriots +505

New Orleans Saints +515

Kansas City Chiefs +690

San Francisco 49ers +755

Seattle Seahawks +833

Green Bay Packers +1702

Minnesota Vikings +2153

Houston Texans +2715

Dallas Cowboys +4000

Buffalo Bills +4200

Philadelphia Eagles +6500

Tennessee Titans +8000

Los Angeles Rams +10500

Pittsburgh Steelers +11500

Indianapolis Colts +28500

Chicago Bears +32000

Oakland Raiders +34000

Cleveland Browns +60000

Tampa Bay Buccaneers +400000

Carolina Panthers +450000

Los Angeles Chargers +450000

New York Jets +550000

Jacksonville Jaguars +650000

Denver Broncos +850000

Top Contenders

There are six teams listed at single-digit odds with the Ravens leading the way. Baltimore has looked unbeatable, as teams simply can’t stop Lamar Jackson and even against a top defense like the 49ers, the Ravens still found a way to win. The Patriots and Saints are basically co-second choices at odds of 5-1. The Patriots don’t look like a team that can win the Super Bowl, as their offense is really struggling, so New England is probably overvalued at their current odds. The Saints also haven’t been as potent on offense as in previous seasons and they may also be a bit overvalued. The Chiefs don’t have as good a record as the other five teams listed at single-digit Super Bowl odds, but they have Patrick Mahomes and bettors like offense. The 49ers and Seahawks are neck and neck in the NFC West and it could be that one of these two teams represents the NFC in the Super Bowl.


There are five teams to consider that have some value in the darkhorse category. The Packers have Aaron Rodgers and a good defense and yet they are listed with odds of 17-1. The Vikings have an explosive offense and a good defense and they have odds of 21-1. The Houston Texans play in the AFC so they would have to get past Baltimore, so it is hard to get too excited about their chances. The Cowboys would have to find a way to win a playoff game with Jason Garrett as their head coach, so they offer limited value. The Bills have a ton of value at odds of +4200 but they would have to find a way to get past Baltimore.


The four longshot teams are Philadelphia, Tennessee, the Rams and Pittsburgh. The Steelers don’t have enough on either side of the ball to threaten in the AFC, so they offer no value. The Eagles are struggling on both sides of the ball so they don’t have much value. The two teams that could offer some value are the Titans and Rams. The Titans have a defense that might be able to slow down Jackson and the Ravens, so they might be worth a flyer and the Rams have the talent to beat anyone, as they made the Super Bowl a year ago. The problem for the Rams is that they have a tough remaining schedule and just making the playoffs is no guarantee, but at odds of 100-1 they might be worth a flyer.
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