Dancing with the Stars Season 24 Betting Preview


There’s plenty of excitement for the 24th season of Dancing with the Stars. Simone Biles is a massive favorite to win at her current odds, but there are plenty of reasons to believe that the applecart could be upset. Nancy Kerrigan is another former Olympian that could get a groundswell of support and Heather Morris is going to wow the judges and audience alike through the first few weeks of the show. DWTS has become one of the premier entertainment betting events and there will be betting on this show available every week.

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Dancing with the Stars Betting Odds at BookMaker.eu

Simone Biles +130 Nancy Kerrigan +500
Heather Morris +650 Rashad Jennings +990
Nick Viall +1015 Normani Kordei +1025
Bonner Bolton +1080 Mr. T +1420
Erika Jayne +1420 David Ross +1660
Charo +1670 Chris Kattan +2280

Simone Biles opened at +200 to win the Mirror Ball a few weeks ago and bettors have steadily bet down her odds. There are plenty of reasons to like the Olympic gold medalist too. She displayed her toughness by competing with a broken rib for two and a half weeks last year on a world gymnastics tour following her victory in Rio and can definitely handle the workload that bothers so many contestants each season.

There are some worries about wagering on her though, especially at these low prices. By her own admission, Biles has never really danced before the show. Although she definitely has grace and agility from her years competing as a gymnast, it’s a bit concerning that she has never even danced before. In addition to that, her partner Sasha Farber has never placed higher than fifth on the show in past seasons. She is a deserved favorite without question, but these odds are pretty low for someone without any prior experience dancing.

Contrast that to Heather Morris. Charo and a few others criticized the producers for casting someone that had been a dancer previously claiming that it gives her an unfair advantage in a competition like this. There’s no doubt that this is a valid concern with Morris going on tour as a dancer with Beyonce and performing on So You Think You Can Dance in addition to her role on Glee. With this in mind, it’s a bit puzzling why her odds have risen.

Once the show starts, all the ancillary stuff goes into the rearview and these contestants are all judged for their dancing ability. With Morris’ background, this gives her a clear leg up on the competition and makes her a virtual lock to survive the early cuts barring an injury. She will look much smoother and more professional than many of the other contestants and it would be a stunner if she didn’t make the final three.

At this point, it’s probably a good idea to avoid betting on Nancy Kerrigan. Her odds have fallen from +700 to +500, but that’s not the main reason to keep your money off of the former figure skater. There are reports out that she is difficult to work with and if her fellow cast members and the crew turn against her, it will be very hard for her to win. Allegedly, Kerrigan is trying to control her choreography and is carrying herself like she is the professional rather than the celebrity.

That would undermine what would have been a very easy sell to the audience. Everyone remembers Kerrigan’s story from the 1994 Winter Olympics and she would have received some sympathy from the audience for what happened. With these reports out though, that is very much in question and Kerrigan is a stay away until proven otherwise.

Dancing with the Stars Betting Odds:

Heather Morris +650

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