America’s Got Talent Auditions Week 2 Recap

America’s Got Talent Auditions Week 2 Recap

America’s Got Talent Season 14 continues with the weekly auditions, as performers try to get into the live performance shows. In the auditions part of the show, performers need at least three of the four judges to give them a Yes vote to advance to the next round. A performer can also receive the “Golden Buzzer” which immediately propels them to the live round. Each of the four judges, Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Julianne Hough and Gabrielle Union and host Terry Crews get one chance in the six audition episodes to use the “Golden Buzzer.” Let’s recap Week 2 of the auditions and see if anyone used it.

Auditions Week 2 Recap

The Week 2 auditions show began with a man (Jonathan) crawling out of a suitcase and then performing a comedy routine. The man had an interesting act that all four judges liked and he advanced.

A 14-year old singer named Benicio Bryant wowed the judges with a performance of “The Joker” and it was an easy decision for all four judges to send him to the next round.

The team of Emerald Belles was next and they performed for the judges and for the first time this season we had a split vote. Howie didn’t like them at all and voted No, but the other three said Yes and advanced the team to the next round.

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Another group named The Messoudi Brothers performed next and they performed some acrobatic tricks and then wowed the crowd by building body towers. All four judges said Yes.

The danger factor was next with the Bir Khalsa Group performing and the act that included a blindfold and some fruit mashing impressed the judges and they all said Yes.

Another unanimous vote occurred for the young women group named GFORCE as they seemed to be following the example of the Spice Girls. The judges had no argument in advancing this group.

Adaline Bates had a performance that had her singing both male and female parts of a song and although it was different, the judges all sent her on to the next round.
A number of comics didn’t make the cut, but one that did was Ryan Niemiller and he got a Yes vote from all four judges to make the next round.

Another group that advanced to the next round was Light Balance Kids who had an amazing light show performance that impressed the judges.

Nicholas Wallace got through to the next round, as he had an act that included some weird medium stuff, but the judges liked it and he got Yes votes.

The highlight of the night was the performance by Joseph Allen who is a singer-songwriter. He told the judges that he wants to leave a big footprint on Earth. The audience gave him a standing ovation after his song and he got the Golden Buzzer from Howie.

Singers Getting Golden Buzzers

You may have noticed that the Golden Buzzer has been going to singers a lot on America’s Got Talent. Some viewers are not happy about this development and have tweeted their displeasure. Last season seven of the nine Golden Buzzers went to singing acts. The first two Golden Buzzers this season have also gone to singers. In America's Got Talent: The Champions, three out of the five golden buzzers went to singers.

It should be noted that just because a singer gets the Golden Buzzer, it doesn’t mean they are going to win the show. Last year it was magician Shin Lim who won and he was up against four singers in the final. Keep in mind that when it comes to the champion, people voting from home are what matters the most. Oftentimes it is the acts that are different that end up impressing the voters. It will be interesting to see if that changes this season.

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