League of Legends 2020 World Championship Play-In Games Betting

League of Legends 2020 World Championship Play-In Games

The League of Legends World Championships are finally upon us. Other major Esports international tournaments have been cancelled or postponed over the last six months, but Riot Games was able to make it work for the most popular Esports event in the world. Although we won’t have Vietnamese teams here due to travel restrictions, representatives from every other region are in Shanghai. We will see the last four teams qualify for the main draw this week as the Play-In Stage begins.

League of Legends 2020 World Championship Play-In Games Betting Odds

Rainbow7 -137

V3 Esports +108

Japanese teams haven’t fared well historically in international tournaments. We have yet to see an LJL team make it to the main event, thus the lack of respect for V3 Esports here. The Japanese representative played the Latin American representative last year when DetonatioN FocusMe met Isurus Gaming, and Isurus won both of those games. That makes Rainbow7 the play, as this team does have experience on the international stage.

Papara SuperMassive -180

INTZ e-Sports +139

Both Brazil and Turkey have had limited success internationally. The TCL has typically been the deeper league though, and Papara SuperMassive have a chance to make some real noise with this veteran lineup. Zeitnot and SnowFlower are a very experienced bottom lane, and Kakao can make a difference in the jungle.

Unicorns of Love -344

V3 Esports +251

Although everyone is down on V3 and Japan in general, the Esports betting odds here are too high. Unicorns of Love is getting a lot of respect after last year, but this team lost both of its game to Mammoth in the Group Stage, preventing UOL from outright winning Group A. UOL are a high-variance team, and they can beat anyone save LGD Gaming on any given day, and they could lose to a lot of teams as well.

LGD Gaming -838

Rainbow7 +503

This is a lot of juice, but you can’t go against LGD at all in the Group Stage. The LPL has been far and away the best region in the world for League of Legends in 2020, and LGD knocked off a former world champion to reach this point. Peanut has had a renaissance year in the jungle, making this team very difficult to beat.

Unicorns of Love -237

PSG Talon +181

It’s a shame that we won’t get to see PSG Talon at their best. Korean imports River and Tank weren’t allowed to travel to China for this tournament due to visa issues, so Talon had to borrow Kongyue and Uniboy from ahq. That is going to seriously disrupt the team’s dynamic as the move was made just a couple weeks ago.

MAD Lions -273

Papara SuperMassive +207

Look for this line to rise before the actual game. MAD Lions are the European representative, and many observers are high on their chances. However, they are wholly inexperienced on this stage, and they fell apart at the tail end of the LEC Summer Split. SuperMassive have experience in spades, so they can use that to their advantage here.

Legacy Esports +343

Team Liquid -498

This should be a cakewalk for Liquid. They were probably the best team in North America during the Summer Split although they finished in third place, and they have four very talented players that won’t freeze up on stage. Teams from Oceania have typically been abysmal, and Legacy has yet to be tested after cruising through a region that was even weaker in 2020.

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