2022 League of Legends World Championship Odds

2022 League of Legends World Championship Odds

We are just one week away from the start of the biggest event in Esports. DotA2’s The International may have the biggest prize pool in Esports, but the League of Legends World Championship consistently brings in more viewers than any other tournament in this genre. The Play-In Stage will be action packed as 12 teams from 11 different regions vie for one of four remaining spots in the competition over the course of six days.

2022 League of Legends World Championship Betting Odds

Who Will Be the Top LCK Team at Worlds?

Gen. G is expected to be the best Korean team at Worlds after winning the LCK Summer Split Championship. Chovy has been fantastic and might be poised for his deepest run in this competition so far, and Peanut has looked like the superstar of old. The bottom lane might be the best in the world, and top laner Doran is fine as weak side tanks should once again be the prevalent meta for top laners in this event.

There is a chance that both T1 and DWG KIA outperform Gen. G though. T1 was the top Korean team in the Spring Split and has arguably the best top laner and best support in the region. Bottom laner Gumayusi has struggled, but he has performed very well in the recent past and could be primed for a turnaround.

As for DWG KIA, they now have three of five members from the 2020 World Championship winning roster. Nuguri can still hard carry in the top lane, and Deokdam has been on the cusp of breaking through this whole year.

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Who Will Be the Top LPL Team at Worlds?

The LPL is the best region in the world, and it’s a shame that China is only able to send four teams to Worlds. There are six or seven teams that could conceivably make it to the semifinals of this event, so its difficult to predict the best team in this region.

JD Gaming and Top Esports are seen as two of the three overall favorites entering Worlds. JD Gaming won the LPL Summer Split, and Kanavi has been great in the jungle. Yagao has taken his game to another level, and the bottom lane has performed much better than expected.

Defending Worlds champions EDward Gaming were only able to finish in third place in this region, as their jungle issues from last year have come back to haunt them.

Who Will Be the Top LEC Team at Worlds?

You have to feel for G2 Esports. They would have been the easy pick to be the best finishing LEC team at this year’s Worlds, but they were placed into the Group of Death alongside JD Gaming and DWG KIA. Rogue are in a much easier group, and either Fnatic or MAD Lions will probably end up in the Group of Life (Group D).

Who Will Be the Top LCS Team at Worlds?

The LCS team with the best chance of getting out of the Group Stage is 100 Thieves. Although they are in the same group with juggernauts Gen. G, PCS champions CTBC Flying Oyster were also drawn into their group, and they are seen as the weakest of the 12 teams currently in the Group Stage. While Royal Never Give Up, Fnatic, or MAD Lions could end up in this group, 100 Thieves still have an easier path than their two North American counterparts.

Making Cloud9 the favorite to be the top LCS team is a mistake. They are already in a group with T1 and EDward Gaming, and they are likely to have one of the two European teams in the Play-In Stage as the fourth team in this group. This is not a very talented team, and C9 may go winless in the Group Stage.

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