2022 League of Legends LEC Summer Split Lower Bracket Finals Lines

2022 League of Legends LEC Summer Split Lower Bracket Finals Betting

The more things change, the more they stay the same. G2 Esports and Fnatic looked like they might be ready to give way to Rogue and MAD Lions this season, but the two juggernauts of European League of Legends are likely to meet in the LEC Finals once again. Fnatic limped into the postseason and was nearly swept by Excel Esports in the Lower Bracket before finding their footing. They went on to reverse sweep Excel and then swept Misfits Gaming before beating MAD Lions 3-1 last week. Now, they are favored by the Esports betting odds against Rogue this week, and a win would put them in the LEC Summer Split Finals against rival G2. If Fnatic ends up winning the title, they will become the first team to run through the Lower Bracket to claim the championship.

2022 League of Legends LEC Summer Split Lower Bracket Finals Betting Odds

Rogue +138

Fnatic -178

Both Rogue and Fnatic have already qualified for the League of Legends World Championships next month. However, the winner of this series will earn an automatic spot in the Group Stage, while the loser will have to qualify through the Play-In Stage. While major region teams have long dominated in the Play-In Stage, we have seen some slip-ups in the past, so neither team wants to be in the Play-In Stage.

These teams split their two matches in the regular season, and Rogue was in the Upper Bracket until being swept by G2 last week. Rogue upset MAD Lions in the first round to send their compatriots to the Lower Bracket, but they looked lost in their defeat at the hands of G2, leading to Fnatic being a sizeable favorite.

Fnatic have had a lot of success by bringing over the Lucien Nami bottom lane from Korea. We saw multiple LCK teams use that bottom lane during the playoffs, and Fnatic believed that imitation was the sincerest form of flattery in this respect. They have taken Lucien and Nami into the bottom lane seven times in their 12 playoff games, and Upset has a 5.6 KDA on Lucien while Hylissang has a 4.9 KDA on Nami per Games of Legends.

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Interestingly, Fnatic has won every other match in which they didn’t play Lucien Nami in the bottom lane. Upset has shined on each of the three most powerful AD Carries in this meta (Kalista, Zeri, and Sivir), and that has made the Pick and Ban phase tough for opponents. Hylissang hasn’t used his infamous Pyke yet, but that could come out this week.

The key for Rogue is for Larssen to get ahead of Humanoid in the mid lane. Larssen has a 4.2 KDA for Rogue in the playoffs, and he has been superb on mages like Ahri and Orianna. Jungler Malrang will look to get Larssen ahead in the laning phase, as we see top laner Odoamne isolated on a weak side tank once again. Fans are hoping he plays anything other than Renekton though, as he has a paltry 1.6 KDA in five games on the champion and Rogue is 1-4 in those games.

It’s easy to see why Fnatic are the favorites, but the value in Rogue is too good to pass up at this price. Rogue are a solid squad with a bottom lane that can largely mitigate Fnatic’s dynamic duo, and they have a good enough grasp of the meta to send Fnatic to the Play-In Stage.

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