League of Legends 2020 LEC Summer Split Semifinals Preview

League of Legends 2020 LEC Summer Split Semifinals Preview

Rogue are looking to make history this season. They were the top team in the LEC Summer Split during the regular season, earning their first trip to the League of Legends World Championships, and now they are hoping to release Europe from the grip of G2 Esports and Fnatic. Rogue were sent to the losers’ bracket by Fnatic, but they have a shot at redemption after beating MAD Lions last week. They will have to defeat G2 and Fnatic in back-to-back series to claim their first regional title, but this team has the talent to do that.

League of Legends 2020 LEC Summer Split Semifinals Betting Odds

G2 Esports -370

Rogue +251

Wunder has the edge on Finn in the top lane. He has been the most underrated player on G2 for quite some time, and he showed us something new with his Neeko. G2 won both games where Wunder played Neeko, so Rogue must either be able to counter the pick or ban the champion away. Finn will likely be stuck on tank duty for most of this series, as he didn’t look great on either Renekton or Gangplank against Fnatic.

We saw some inspired play from Inspired (sorry for the pun) last week against MAD Lions. Rogue’s jungler proved he had a deeper champion pool than everyone believed with his performances on Evelynn and Hecarim, and that gives G2 something to consider ahead of this series. G2’s star jungler Jankos has played better in recent weeks, but he was out of sorts not too long ago.

Everyone’s eyes will be on the mid lane in this series. Caps and Larssen are the two best mid laners in Europe by a wide margin, and the difference between these two standouts and everyone else is stark.

Caps has been the most talented player in Europe for the last couple years, and he carried G2 for stretches this season. He has been terrifying on carry champions like LeBlanc, and he has shined on mid lane mages and assassins. Caps currently leads G2 in damage per the charts at Games of Legends, so everything will largely be on his shoulders in this series.

Meanwhile, Larssen is the talented up and comer that has finally put it all together in 2020. Larssen burst onto the scene last summer, and his mechanics are superb. He likes to take late game scaling champions like Azir, but he is just as adept on mages like Syndra or even AD champions like Lucian. Larssen is the one player that can outperform Caps in the mid lane, giving Rogue hope coming into this series. In the playoffs, he has a 6.6 KDA and is responsible for 28.3 percent of his team’s damage.

G2’s bottom lane was a strength in 2019, but it has not been as sharp in 2020. Perkz has struggled as the meta has moved towards more traditional bottom lane picks like Jhin, Caitlin, and Ashe, and that has limited some of the effectiveness of the reigning MSI champions. Mikyx has had some issues too, making questionable calls at times in the laning phase.

The addition of Hans Sama has helped take Rogue to the next level. While he isn’t one of the top two or three bottom laners in the region, he is a noticeable upgrade and plays well with Vander. Vander is an excellent support that trusts his instincts, potentially giving Rogue an edge here.

The big concern for Rogue is the draft. Poor drafts kept Rogue from hitting their potential in the Spring Split, but we have seen them perform much better in this phase of the game over the last few months. If they draft well, they have a good chance to beat G2 given the raw talent on this team.

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