2022 League of Legends LCS Spring Split Playoffs Odds

2022 League of Legends LCS Spring Split Playoffs Betting

The last major region to determine its champion and representative at the Mid-Season Invitational will be the LCS. Four teams are left in the double elimination competition, and either Team Liquid or 100 Thieves will earn an automatic bid into next weekend’s finals with a win on Saturday. The loser will face either Cloud9 or Evil Geniuses to determine the other team that will take part in the LCS Spring Split Finals.

2022 LCS Spring Split Playoffs Second Round Betting Odds

Team Liquid -163

100 Thieves +127

Although 100 Thieves are the defending LCS champions and swept regular season champions Cloud9 3-0 two weeks ago, they are underdogs per the League of Legends betting odds in this series. Team Liquid are considered the team to beat in North America after acquiring Bjergsen and securing citizenship for support player CoreJJ.

Bjergsen posted an absurd 8.9 KDA in the regular season for Liquid. He showcased his Zilean on a couple occasions, and he proved that he could play Veigar and Ahri at an elite level too. Although Abbedagge is a solid mid laner, it’s going to be tough for him to take down the greatest player in LCS history.

The key to a 100 Thieves upset is their top lane and jungle play. Liquid top laner Bwipo has not been great this season, while Ssumday has been one of the best at his position in the region for a long time. He dominated Summit on a weakside tank two weeks ago, but this is likely to be more of a neutral lane as Bwipo has proven he can play weakside tanks too.

Closer has been the main playmaker on 100 Thieves, and he will need to create some plays for his team to take down Liquid. His Lee Sin has been solid throughout the season, and he took the champion all three times against C9.

While 100 Thieves have a solid bottom lane, Liquid have an elite bottom lane with Hans Sama and CoreJJ. Hans Sama is a proven AD Carry, and CoreJJ is one of the best support players in the history of League of Legends. That will prove to be the difference in a Team Liquid win on Saturday.

Cloud9 -213

Evil Geniuses +163

Although Cloud9 were extremely disappointing in their first series, they know what they need to work on. It was clear that they expected First Team All-Pro top laner Summit to win his lane, but he was able to consistently punish his counterpart. C9 did not adjust, and that led to them being swept by 100 Thieves.

Expect different strategies from C9 this time. Fudge has proven he can play well in the mid lane, and Blaber is one of the top junglers in the league. Fudge posted a 5.8 KDA in the regular season and builds Mythic items faster than anyone else. That means he should be able to punish Jojopyun of Evil Geniuses as he has consistently struggled in the mid lane.

If Evil Geniuses are going to pull off the upset, it will be due to the play of jungler Inspired and bottom laner Danny. They have been the hard carries for the team this year, and Inspired has a 5.3 KDA in the postseason while Danny has a 6.7 KDA. Inspired has really come on strong after struggling upon his move to the LCS, and that gives the Evil Geniuses hope that they can earn a top three finish.

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