2022 League of Legends LCK Spring Split Finals Odds

2022 League of Legends LCK Spring Split Finals Betting

The most decorated organization in League of Legends history is looking to set a new record. T1 have won three World Championships and nine LCK titles, but they have never finished a regular season unbeaten and then went undefeated on their way to a title.

They have a chance to do just that after going 18-0 in the regular season and sweeping Kwangdong Freecs last week. Gen.G are the only team standing in their way now, but T1 are 4-0 against them this spring.

2022 League of Legends LCK Spring Split Finals Betting Odds

T1 -456

Gen.G +317

At long last, T1 appears to be the best team in Korea once again. T1 had taken a backseat to DWG KIA for the last few seasons, but they are the team that everyone is hoping to see in the Mid-Season Invitational now. They have been phenomenal this season with four of their five starters being named First Team All-Pro selections and Keria was awarded MVP for his playmaking in the support role.

It’s tough to find a real advantage for Gen.G in this series. Zeus is significantly better than Doran in the top lane. Doran wasn’t one of the best three or four top laners in Korea this year, while Zeus was clearly the best in the region. Although their overall numbers are somewhat similar, Zeus showed a much better propensity to carry if need be in the top lane, and that gives T1 more advantages and options in the draft.

Gen.G would be happy if their bottom lane could play even with that of T1. Ruler is one of the most experienced bottom laners in the region, and Lehends is a perennially underrated support. However, T1’s bottom lane has been extremely good this year. Gumayusi has taken the step forward he needed to after splitting time with Teddy in 2021, and Keria is clearly the best support in Korea. They have played very well together, providing T1 with a strong win condition.

The mid-jungle duo of Chovy and Peanut will have to get an advantage on T1’s Faker and Oner for Gen.G to pull off the upset and qualify for MSI. This is the strength of Gen.G’s team as Chovy is arguably the most talented mid laner in the world. Chovy had an 8.2 KDA in the mid lane this year, and he has looked strong on an array of champions. Peanut is the most successful jungler in Korean history, and he continues to thrive on his signature Lee Sin. His playmaking on Jarvan and Viego has been very good too.

Oner was the only member of T1 to not be a First Team All-Pro. He was very good in the jungle, but he was very reliant on Lee Sin and Xin Zhao. Nearly 60% of his games this season were on one of those two champions.

Meanwhile, Faker is unquestionably the greatest player of all-time. The three-time world champion has been the centerpiece of T1 for almost a decade now, and he is having another fine season. However, it’s clear that his mechanics aren’t what they used to be earlier in his career. Chovy has the potential to outplay him in the mid lane giving Gen.G a win condition.

We saw T1 win all four games between these teams in the regular season. However, Gen.G never had its full starting lineup in place as COVID impacted this team around those meetings. That gives Gen.G confidence they can compete, but T1 will probably be too much during their dream season.

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