Biden Digs In With His Insurance Policy to Thwart Opposition

U.S. Presidential News for Wednesday, July 10, 2024

For Democrats, the first Presidential debate on Thursday, June 27, 2024, is a date that continues to be an earthquake with considerable fallout. For the first time since Barack Obama challenged presumptive favorite Hillary Clinton for the 2008 Democrat nomination, there is a split in the party which usually resembles North Korea in its conformity.

Concurrently, the radical Obama wing is trying to project a moderate image of supporting President Joe Biden while working behind the scenes to get Biden off the ticket. In fact, former top Obama advisor and radical racial gaslighter Van Jones went public saying that he is with a group working to make Vice President Kamala Harris President before the convention and the eventual 2024 Democrat nominee.

Meanwhile, Biden trails in all credible polls to an alarming degree as Republican nominee and former President Donald Trump is laying low, biding his time, and mulling who his vice presidential nominee will be.

2024 U.S. Presidential Election Betting Odds

U.S. 2024 Next President Elected

Kamala Harris +655 Nikki Haley +21557 Joe Biden +500
Pete Buttigieg +65255 Michelle Obama +2806 Donald Trump -199
Gretchen Whitmer +4202 Ron DeSantis +100302 Hillary Clinton +9000
Gavin Newsom +2601 Robert F. Kennedy Jr. +9029 Vivek Ramaswamy +100413
Jamie Dimon +60235 J.B.Pritzker +50144 Josh Shapiro +40148

U.S. Presidential Election 2024 - Winning Party

Democratic Party +167

Republican Party -200

Other Party +8500

*Odds as of Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Trump Increases His Lead Among Gamblers

Donald Trump has increased in price on the gambling markets. Not only is he the favorite, he is the only serious candidate at minus money on the board. Other name-brand candidates, such as Michelle Obama and Gavin Newsome, have become bigger underdogs.

Michelle, the former first lady, is known to hate politics and claims not to have it in her soul to run. However, others believe that she would answer her party’s call if the situation becomes desperate, especially knowing her husband, Barack, would do most of the presidential heavy lifting if elected.

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Frankenstein Roars With His Insurance Policy in Check

When Joe Biden was engineered to become the Democrat nominee in 2020, keep in mind he had not yet won a primary. The rest of the Democrat field was told to take a dive after the New Hampshire primary, thus rigging the process for Biden.

The reason why the Democrats greased the skids for Biden is that he, like Obama in 2008, could be whatever voters wanted him to be. Biden ran a campaign from his basement, making occasional statements that were sent via social media. The entire Biden campaign was tightly controlled, with an emphasis on hiding mistakes, avoiding specifics, and covering up Biden’s declining mental state. While not yet the vegetable he is now, it was obvious that Biden was rapidly declining mentally.

Somehow, Biden got through the debates without much difficulty. And Trump came off as offensively overaggressive to suburban soccer moms who dominate the electoral process. Finally, through COVID-19, the Democrats were able to legalize ballot harvesting and other nefarious methods to groove the election.

Now, more Americans than ever believe the 2020 election was unfair if not outright stolen. The fact that Democrats are fighting to the hilt to stop a Republican proposal that only proven American citizens can vote feeds into the factual narrative that the Democrats do not want secure and fair elections. The reasons why are obvious to everyone, including the most fervent Democrat media complex election theft deniers who, deep down, know the truth.

Biden’s selection of Kamala Harris as his vice president has proven to be a masterstroke. Harris is disliked and disrespected by her party, has a revolving door of staff turnover, and is utterly unelectable. Biden selected her as an insurance policy to guarantee that he remains in office.

At least for now, despite plenty of Democrat opposition, Joe Biden is hanging on. The Democrats created this Frankenstein. And they are yet to find a way out.

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