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2024 U.S. Presidential Odds

U.S. Presidential odds are on the board right now at BookMaker. You can bet on who you think will become the next U.S. President as 2024 U.S. Presidential odds are posted. Even though the election will not be held for more than a year, you can bet on individual candidates right now and you can also bet on which party you think will win the Presidency. The current odds list incumbent President Joe Biden and Florida governor Ron DeSantis with similar odds of just over 2-1. Former President Donald Trump is the third choice in the betting odds at just over 4-1. The only other candidate getting any kind of real attention in terms of the election odds is California governor Gavin Newsom. All other candidates are listed with double-digit odds and most have no real chance of getting elected.

2024 U.S. Presidential Betting Odds

Joe Biden +220

Ron DeSantis +245

Donald Trump +432

Gavin Newsom +931

Kamala Harris +1903

Michelle Obama +2150

Nikki Haley +2375

Pete Buttigieg +3313

Gretchen Whitmer +4350

Mike Pence +5103

Glenn Youngkin +7000

Tim Scott +8723

Hillary Clinton +9000

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez +9000

Mike Pompeo +9500

Mark Cuban +15500

Amy Klobuchar +16000

Tulsi Gabbard +18500

Elizabeth Warren +20000

Bernie Sanders +22500

Beto O’Rourke +22500

Dan Crenshaw +24500

Andrew Yang +25000

Cory Booker +25000

Liz Cheney +25116

Tom Cotton +26500

Kristi Noem +26500

Michael Bloomberg +30000

Tucker Carlson +35000

Ted Cruz +36500

Sherrod Brown +47500

Donald Trump Jr. +50000

Michael Bennet +55000

Andrew Cuomo +60000

Josh Hawley +65000

Stacey Abrams +65000

John Kasich +85000

Deval Patrick +100000

Val Demmings +100000

Candace Owens +100000

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Analyzing the 2024 Presidential Race

The current odds have Biden and DeSantis running neck and neck with Trump just behind. There is no value in taking Biden, as there is a good chance he doesn’t even run for re-election in 2024. The current odds on DeSantis are somewhat appealing, but the problem with betting on DeSantis is that he will have to beat Trump in the Republican primary. Many people believe that DeSantis would win a national election against Biden, as he is more likable than Trump, but whether DeSantis can get past Trump in the primary is a huge question mark.

There are major questions on the Democrat side, as no one wants to see Biden run again, yet there are no good options behind him. There is no chance that current Vice President Kamala Harris gets the bid, so the Democrats are left with Gavin Newsom who has run California into the ground in his time as California’s governor.

There are always longshots that seem to come from nowhere and have a chance to win in the Presidential race. If you remember the last election, it was longshot Joe Biden who ended up winning. He was almost given up for dead in the Democrat primary, but the establishment decided he was their best option, as they didn’t like the policies of Bernie Sanders. If you want value in the 2024 Presidential odds then it would have to be someone on the Democrat side because on the Republic side it will be either DeSantis or Trump who gets the bid.

The only longshot that might have some value appears to be Michelle Obama. She can ride the coattails of her husband and former President Barack Obama and give Democrats someone they could get elected. Whether the value on Michelle Obama is gone is another story, as her odds are listed at just over 20-1. She would have been a lot more appealing in terms of a longshot at odds of more than 50-1. There are no other viable candidates on the Democrat side at the moment, so it may be that someone comes from relative obscurity to gain a national following.

Odds to Win 2024 U.S. Presidential Election

Democratic Party -119

Republican Party +100

Any Other +2529

The odds on which party will win the 2024 U.S. Presidential election are virtually a pick. There may be a little value on the Republican Party at even money, but the better value is probably on DeSantis or Trump considering they are the only two candidates on the Republican side worth considering.

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