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By  Jonathan Willis

Friday, August 2nd, 2019

Incredibly, we’re only two-thirds of the way through the LEC Summer Split and G2 Esports have already clinched a playoff spot. G2 have been the team of the year, and their skill has led to them continually crushing foes. Their average game time of 26:49 per Games of Legends is remarkable, and they have lost just once all season. They can avenge that loss against Fnatic on Saturday.

Only four teams in the LEC have a winning record, so the final two playoff spots are up for grabs. Team Vitality and Origen are in the best shape to grab them, but the bottom four teams are all within two games of those spots.

2019 LEC Summer Split Week 7 Betting Odds

Misfits Gaming +115

SK Gaming -145

We’ve seen some promise out of Misfits’ younger players, but the consistency hasn’t been there. Two weeks ago, the organization benched its entire starting lineup after some very disappointing results, and they are going to ride the rookies the rest of the way.

Dan Dan has been the most promising player. The top laner has a 3.1 KDA, and he has looked sharp in individual matchups. He is constantly skirmishing in the early game and comes out on top a decent bit of the time, but he has a tough matchup against SK Gaming’s Sacre. Sacre does not have great chemistry with his team, yet he is very individually skilled, and I think he will get the better of Dan Dan to lead SK to the win.

exceL Esports +183

Team Vitality -235

Vitality have become the barometer team of Europe. They are 5-2 against teams with a losing record and 0-5 against teams with a winning record. They have turned it around after a sluggish start to the Summer Split, and the first team they beat was exceL back in late June. Vitality had little trouble in that match with Attila crushing the opposing bottom lane as they tried to scale with Sona and Taric, so don’t expect exceL to try that move again.

Although Vitality can be tilted and haven’t played well as a team, I expect them to get the better of exceL here. They have much more individual skill and this line should be higher.

Rogue +238

Splyce -315

This line is low too. While I’m not as much of a believer in Splyce as others, they are far superior to Rogue. Splyce’s only two losses this split have been against G2, and their draft against Schalke last week shows that they are willing to be flexible. Taking Qiyana into the jungle was certainly not expected and taking Jhin into the bottom lane worked out very well.

Rogue’s only chance is to jump on Splyce early and snowball from there. Splyce are great in the late game and at team fighting, so Rogue will be on a clock. I don’t think they’ll be able to get it done.

Origen -125

FC Schalke 04 -105

The struggles of Origen post-Rift Rivals continue. It’s puzzling as this was one of the most impressive teams during the event. We have seen them drop four of six matches since that point, and the only wins came against a pair of 3-9 teams, SK Gaming and exceL.

With that in mind, it’s a bit of a head-scratcher to see them as a favorite. Schalke have a fantastic bottom lane with Upset and Ignar, and they have two of the best KDAs in the region. They will carry Schalke to the win.

Fnatic +227

G2 Esports -298

You have to save the best for last. G2 and Fnatic will meet for the second time this Spring Split, and G2 can all but lock up the No. 1 seed heading into playoffs with a win here.

When these teams met earlier in the season, Fnatic’s Broxah was pivotal. He posted a 20 KDA on Gragas and constantly set up ganks for Bwipo in the top lane and Nemesis in the mid lane. G2 fought valiantly to overcome him, but they fell despite some impressive play.

I don’t see Broxah having the same success this time as G2 get the win.

Esports Betting Odds

Esports Betting

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