Esports Picks - League of Legends LPL Spring 2019 Lines

By  Jonathan Willis

Friday, January 11th, 2019

Last year, China showed that they were the best region when it came to League of Legends. Royal Never Give Up won the Mid-Season Invitational, the LPL won Rift Rivals over the LCK and LMS, and Invictus Gaming won the region its first World Championship. That has made this game even more popular in China, and now the LPL is the biggest League of Legends region in the world with 16 teams taking part in the Spring Split this year. Invictus Gaming are the deserved favorites following their performance all throughout 2018, but there are a number of other teams looking to topple them.

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League of Legends LPL Spring 2019 Betting Odds

Invictus Gaming: +144

Royal Never Give Up: +485

TopSports Gaming: +582

Suning Gaming: +777

Edward Gaming: +1167

FunPlus Phoenix: +1167

LGD: +1946

JD Gaming: +2049

Rogue Warriors: +2433

Snake Esports: +2433

Bilibili Gaming: +2433

Victory Five: +2433

SinoDragon: +2920

Team World Elite: +2920

OMG: +9740

Vici Gaming: +9740

Invictus Gaming were the best team in the world last year. Although they couldn’t break through to win any domestic titles, they went 18-1 in the Spring Split and 18-1 in the Summer Split. Invictus set the meta with its prioritization of constantly pushing lanes and being overly aggressive, and they routed both Fnatic and G2 to win last year’s Worlds.

They have made no changes to their roster, as they are now out to claim the domestic title that has eluded them. Rookie is arguably the best mid laner in the world at this point, while there is no doubt that TheShy is the best top laner around coming into the year. JackeyLove continues to grow into his role as the team’s AD Carry, and incredibly, this team could be even better in 2019. They should be the odds-on favorite despite playing in a 16-team league. Invictus topped TopSports to win the Demacia Cup last month too.

Royal Never Give Up may not have won Worlds, but it’s hard to consider last season a failure. Not only did they win MSI, they also won both the Spring Split and the Summer Split, and RNG were the top team in the world for much of the year.

Uzi continues to be the best AD Carry in the game, but there are concerns elsewhere. Xiaohu underwhelmed in the mid lane at Worlds, and RNG brought in a new top laner to replace Zz1tai and LetMe. AmazingJ was probably the second-best top laner in the region last year, but it could take time for him to gel with his new teammates.

I’m very surprised to see TopSports as the third favorite. They were able to top Invictus early on in the Demacia Cup and made it to the Grand Final, but this team still has to develop some chemistry. TopSports signed a solid support in Team WE’s Ben and matched him with a quality AD Carry in LokeN, yet four of the five probable starters are new to the organization. I also have some concerns about mid laner Knight and top laner 369. The former has never been particularly impressive over the course of a year, while the latter is still very raw at the age of 17.

I’d much rather go with the next two teams on the list. Although Suning Gaming made a lot of changes this offseason too, they still have synergy between their top laner and jungler. H4cker was one of the most underrated junglers in the world last year, and I love their three big signings. Mid laner Maple and support SwordArT from Flash Wolves are already proven commodities, as is new AD Carry Smlz.

I’m still a sucker for Edward Gaming too. Although EDG disappointed last year, this team has a lot of experience playing together, and they should have redoubled their efforts in the offseason.

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