2019 LEC Summer Split Week 8 Betting Preview

By  Jonathan Willis

Friday, August 9th, 2019

2019 LEC Summer Split Week 8 Betting Odds

As it turns out, there was a reason that Garen was the only champion that had not been picked in any of the five major regions prior to last week. Not even G2 Esports could spin to win with Garen, as he was thoroughly dunked on in the top lane by Team Vitality, giving Vitality a crucial win that will likely lead to a playoff berth. The playoff picture is taking shape in the penultimate week of the Summer Split.

2019 LEC Summer Split Week 8 Betting Odds

FC Schalke 04 -285
Rogue +218

Former bottom lane teammates will square off as Rogue tries to keep their playoff dreams alive. Vander and Upset were the bot lane duo for Schalke last season, but the organization parted ways with Vander in the offseason to bring in Ignar. That has helped make Upset an even better AD Carry, and the duo have two of the top four KDAs in the region.

Schalke will want to win through the bottom lane, while Rogue will try to find an edge in another area. Larssen deals a ton of damage for a mid laner, and Finn impressed in two games on Kled in the top lane last week. I think Schalke will keep Rogue from pulling ahead in those two areas and will win through Upset once more.

Splyce -320
SK Gaming +241

Others are finally starting to pump the brakes on the Splyce hype train too. Splyce looked bad in a loss to lowly Excel last week, and it’s clear they don’t have much versatility. They rely on Xerxe to get them ahead or get them through the early game, and they try to win the game late due to their superior team fights.

SK Gaming are tied for the worst record in the league, but I think they have a decent chance to pick up the win here. Selfmade was not able to get the better of Xerxe earlier this split, but he was able to do so in the Spring Split. I would wait to see +270 or more before I bet SK though.

Origen -300
exceL Esports +228

When will Origen figure it out? The team that looked so impressive in the Spring Split might miss out on the playoffs, and they have won just once of their last five games. They were losing to Excel for most of their previous meeting this split, and Excel has looked much better over the last few weeks. Excel have won three of their last four matches, so I think they have a chance of pulling off the upset.

Misfits +623
G2 Esports -1100

G2 aren’t going to smurf anymore until they have locked off the No. 1 spot in the Summer Split. They are two games ahead of Fnatic and Splyce for the top spot in the regular season, and they can lock up the No. 1 seed this weekend.

Misfits academy team did not fare well last week, and it’s hard to see them pulling out a win over G2 even if they have a great draft. Lider is way too aggressive in the mid lane and has yet to reel that in, and Dan Dan is the only player that can stand up on a micro level.

Fnatic -280
Team Vitality +214

Kudos to Vitality for rallying from the cellar to compete for a playoff spot, but Fnatic have their number. Fnatic smashed Vitality in their last meeting with Nemesis running over Jiizuke in the mid lane, and I see a similar story unfolding this Saturday. Fnatic are out to beat out Splyce for the second first-round bye and they need this game.

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