2019 League of Legends World Championship Play-In Stage Day 4 Preview

By  Jonathan Willis

Friday, October 4th, 2019

2019 League of Legends World Championship Play-In Stage Day 4 Preview

Two teams will see their dreams of glory at the League of Legends World Championship come to an end on Saturday. Group C and Group D will have their final round robin games, and while the top two teams in each group will advance to a best of five series against another play-in team for a spot in the main World Championship, the last place team will bid adieu to every other squad. DAMWON Gaming has Group D on lock with a 2-0 record, while Group C is wide open with all three teams at 1-1.

2019 League of Legends World Championship Play -In Stage Day 4 Betting Odds

DAMWON Gaming -1000
Royal Youth +600

A win here would lock up a berth in the next round for DAMWON Gaming. DAMWON were seen as by far the best team in the Play-In Stage, but they haven’t been as overpowering as we expected. They have not had good performances from their bottom lane in their first two games, and DAMWON have leaned heavily on Nuguri and ShowMaker.

Nuguri and ShowMaker have both lived up to their reputations, and Canyon has done an excellent job getting his laners ahead with ganks out of the jungle. Unfortunately, Nuclear and BeryL have been caught out far too much, and Royal Youth’s bottom lane of Pilot and Tolerant can win this lane.

When these teams met yesterday, Royal Youth made the mistake of not banning Vladimir away from Nuguri. The top laner is one of the best Vladimir players in the world, and he had a perfect KDA on the champion in a win for DAMWON. Look for Vladimir to be banned away this time, but DAMWON will still win.

Hong Kong Attitude -270
MEGA Esports +210

The LMS isn’t feared anymore, and we saw why on Thursday. Hong Kong Attitude should be 0-2 instead of 1-1. They were behind against MEGA in their first meeting, and they only won after MEGA became paralyzed by poor decision making in the mid game. That opened the door for HKA to make a comeback, and they secured an ugly win. MEGA will be more decisive this time after their VOD review, so I like them as an underdog here.

DAMWON Gaming -1200
Flamengo +650

There might be some value in Flamengo here. Shrimp, Goku, and brTT all played well for this squad when they faced DAMWON on Thursday, and there’s a chance that DAMWON cheeses a little. The LCK representative will have already locked up a spot in the next round, so some cheeky picks might be on the table.

Lowkey Esports -235
MEGA Esports +180

Rocky’s continuous pushing on Camille led MEGA to pull off the upset against Lowkey in their first meeting. He kept forcing Lowkey to split up, and that was not what the VCS representative wanted to do. We’ll see a strategy change from Lowkey this time around, and I like that team to get a win.

Royal Youth -180
Flamengo +145

Perhaps it’s a good idea to ban away the Draven from the player that has Draven axes tattooed on his arms. Royal Youth allowed brTT to take the powerful early game AD Carry in their previous meeting, and it was much to their chagrin as Flamengo secured a 24-minute win off the strength of brTT’s Draven and Shrimp’s Lee Sin. I expect they won’t make the same mistake twice, leading to a win for the Turkish representative.

Hong Kong Attitude -115
Lowkey Esports -105

HKA were punished for a poor draft in the first game between these two teams. While they had powerful champions, they made the decision to take Sivir against a very aggressive team that always wants to fight in the early game, and their Mordekaiser pick in the top lane made little sense.

Lowkey’s proactivity will be HKA’s undoing in this game. HKA does not like to scrap, and Lowkey will punish them for it.

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