2019 LCK Korea Summer Split Week 4 Betting Preview

By  Jonathan Willis

Friday, June 28th, 2019

2019 LCK Korea Summer Split Week 4 Betting Preview

For the third straight split, Griffin look like the best team in Korea. They have only dropped three games so far in the Summer Split, and they are tied at the top of the standings with SANDBOX Gaming. However, whether or not they can finally finish it off and win their first split title after losing in the finals twice in a row is another story entirely.

Meanwhile, at the other end of the table, the old guard continues to struggle. Jin Air Green Wings has yet to win a game, and the two telecom teams are in a tie for eighth place. The scene in Korea has changed dramatically over the last 12 months.

2019 LCK Korea Summer Split Week 4 Betting Odds

Gen.G +146
SK Telecom T1 -185

SK Telecom T1 are finally winning games on red side, but there are still a number of problems with the Spring Split champions. Khan has been a little too aggressive in lane, Mata has made some iffy decisions when it comes to when to ult, Clid has not gotten his laners ahead, and Teddy is not completing his quests early enough. Even Faker has made some really puzzling decisions in trying to turn things around.

Gen.G are currently in fifth place and they pulled off an impressive win over DAMWON already this split. However, there have been problems here too. Peanut continues to not make an impact in the early game, and CuVee has not been great in the top lane. They have relied heavily on AD Carry Ruler to lead them to victories.

This line will make you do a double take at first glance when you consider the records of the teams involved, but SKT have continually fared well against old guard teams. Those teams play a style with which they are more familiar, and Gen.G certainly fit that mold. I think SKT will 2-0 this series.

Afreeca Freecs -210
KT Rolster +165

If the season ended today, KT would have to survive the relegation playoff once more. They have lost three straight matches, and they have looked lost for long stretches. Bringing back Pray to be the team’s AD Carry was supposed to have a stabilizing effect, but the truth is he hasn’t been much better than Zenit.

We’ll see who the Afreeca Freecs really are in this match. Afreeca were heralded as a contender after starting the season 3-1 with a narrow loss to Griffin and a win over Kingzone, but these last two weeks have not gone well. Losses to surging Sandbox and DAMWON aren’t terrible, yet being swept by Gen.G and the way they lost to DAMWON was concerning. Top laner Kiin has had a rough go in particular, and that’s not good since he is the most talented player on the roster.

DAMWON Gaming -310
Hanwha Life Esports +235

Strong laners are more important than ever, and DAMWON’s two young stars have been fantastic over the last two weeks. Top laner Nuguri and mid laner ShowMaker have had some phenomenal performances. ShowMaker has a 6.8 KDA per Games of Legends, and his Akali play in particular has been something to behold. His play on that champion was the reason why DAMWON upset Kingzone last week, and he has an 8.3 KDA on the assassin.

As for Nuguri, his damage numbers are off the charts for a top laner. He is constantly pushing the tempo and looking for kills, and that hasn’t been turned against him as it has in the past. Vladimir and Jayce are must bans against him unless you have a specific strategy to stop him from taking over a game on those champions.

Griffin -275
Kingzone DragonX +211

This is the game of the week. Kingzone have a great bottom lane in Deft and Tusin, and Naehyun has been much better than anyone believed he would be after stepping in for Pawn. He has been a force of nature in two games on Jayce, and he has a 4.4 KDA despite being responsible for just 19.2 percent of his team’s damage. Cuzz must not be allowed to take Sejuani either, as he has a 25.5 KDA on the S-Tier jungle champion.

Griffin once again boast the best team KDA in the region by a wide margin. Top laner Sword is the low man on the totem pole with a 5 KDA, and he is the only weak spot on the team. He must play Jayce, Aatrox, or Ornn, or else he really struggles. Keep an eye on Lehends in this series. He is by far the best Yuumi player in the world, and he has an insane 30 KDA on the champion.

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