How to play Video Poker

Objective of the Game

The objective of video poker is to get a winning combination of poker hands, the higher the rank of the final hand, the better the payout. Video Poker is a game of draw poker, in which the player is dealt 5 cards face up. The player decides which cards to hold and which cards to discard for the second and final draw.

The strategy and preference for the different variations of this game is really up to the player since each game has its own set of rules and advantages both to the player and the house.

Playing the Game

The player can change the coin value and amount of coins to bet per turn. Bets must be placed before the first draw, and can't be changed once the round starts. Once the bet amount is set, the player can click on the draw button and start the round. After the first 5 cards are dealt, the player may choose to hold or discard cards before a second and final draw. After this final draw the highest ranking hand is used to calculate a payout.

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