Terms and Conditions

  • •Casino Tournaments are quite simple. Post the Highest score possible with your entry, and if you are in the Top Places on the Leaderboard, then you will earn Cash and/or Prizes.
  • •To access the tournaments, players will need to enter their account and go to the CASINO tab, there just click on CASINO TOURNEYS from desktop/laptop or TOURNAMENTS from mobile.
  • •Visit CASINO >>> CASINO TOURNAMENTS >>> Click on PLAY NOW and you will be taken to your entry.


  • •Tournaments results will be graded within 12 hours of the tournaments end time, and all winning players will be credited their prize winnings during this timeframe.
  • •Top 10 positions will be paid unless it’s specified otherwise on the scoreboard.
  • •In the event of a tie, the prize will be divided equally between the tying players.
  • •Entries are not transferable and can’t be carried to future Tournaments, only applicable at the time they are requested.
  • •An entry will be completed if either the chip count goes to 0 or all hands/Spins are played.
  • •Your tournament entry will be voided and will not qualify if there are remaining hands/spins within your entry.
  • •Chips are for tournament use ONLY, and cannot be transferred.
  • •Players are welcome to rebuy as many entries as they want within the given timeframe of the tournament; however only the highest score per player will be included in the prize chart.
  • •Split hands are counted as additional hands in some games.
  • •“Promotional” or “Comped” entries awarded will expire by the end of the tournament. Expired entries will not be re-issued, and they are not retroactive.
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