BitCoin the Wave of the Future at BookMaker

Sports bettors are always on the cutting edge of technology, using any advantage they can for a lucrative payday. Now there is a way to save money before making any wagers at all. BitCoin is the newest withdrawal method and one stacked with advantages. While the word Bitcoin may be foreign to some, it’s a fantastic way to fund your bankroll. The Bitcoin method is easier, much cheaper and more reliable than any other deposit and withdrawal option we offer here at

More than 90 percent of our customers use Bitcoin for funding their BookMaker accounts and to receive withdrawals, and it’s clearly the best way to make transactions. They figured out how beneficial it is, and now, so can you.

Why use Bitcoin for deposits and withdrawals? Here are some of the main benefits:

* Bitcoin wallets are quick and easy to set up

* Bitcoin transactions have fees that are super cheap

* Bitcoin is an anonymous payment method

* Bitcoin is not controlled by a central authority or government

The world has become a melting pot because of the internet, and Bitcoin is its currency. While Bitcoin doesn’t have the same history as the U.S. dollar, the British pound or the Mexican peso, it is traded on Bitcoin exchanges just like the other currency is traded on the Forex currency exchanges around the world. You can buy and sell Bitcoin just like the other currencies.

Here is how Bitcoin works for a BookMaker bettor: You buy BitCoin and send it to us, and we turn the Bitcoin into your currency and fund your account. Then, when you request a withdrawal, we send you Bitcoin and you turn it into your currency that goes into your bank account or that you can withdraw as cash from Bitcoin ATM near you. Pretty simple, right? That’s why the majority of our BookMaker customers choose Bitcoin for deposits and withdrawals.

If you have more questions about Bitcoin, simply contact our Bitcoin team at 1-855-535-4947 and they will be happy to help.

Is Bitcoin Safe and Secure?

Just like cash or a credit card, Bitcoin can be stolen, but just like when you carry valuables, following a few simple security guidelines should allow you to use Bitcoin without any issues. Please adhere to these suggestions and your Bitcoin experience should be a great one.

The Basics of Bitcoin Security

Always keep your passwords private and stored in a safe place

Always use two-factor authentication in addition to your password

Always cut-and-paste Bitcoin addresses - don’t type it in by hand

Never send Bitcoin to the same BookMaker address more than once

Always use an intermediary Bitcoin wallet when receiving withdrawals from BookMaker

Just like when you make an online purchase, always double-check the address you are sending to or receiving from with Bitcoin before completing the transaction. Once you send someone Bitcoin, it’s gone. It’s the equivalent of handing someone cash, just over the internet. There is usually no way to get it back unless the person who received agrees to send it back, and you don’t want to be at the mercy of someone in that scenario.

Provided you follow the proper security precautions, Bitcoin is just as safe and secure as cash and credits. As a remind, our Bitcoin team is happy to answer more questions. They can be reached at 1-855-535-4947.

How to Use Bitcoin at

STEP 1: Create a Bitcoin “wallet” and buy Bitcoin

Sign up and open an account with a Bitcoin exchange. The Bitcoin exchange will allow you to buy and sell Bitcoin as well as send and receive it. In order to buy Bitcoin, you have to deposit funds into your exchange account. Your Bitcoin exchange is also known as your Bitcoin wallet.

The majority of Bitcoin wallets allow the use of credit card or debit cards to buy Bitcoin. Other options include linking a bank account to the Bitcoin wallet in order to buy Bitcoin through a checking account. Credit and debit cards can generally fund a Bitcoin wallet within minutes. A bank account is usually longer, with two or three days the regular wait time. At BookMaker, deposit limits with your Bitcoin wallet will start low but rise as you make more deposits with your BitCoin wallet over time.

As with credit cards and case, please use precautions to ensure your Bitcoin wallet remains safe and secure. Please make sure to adopt the best practices in order to protect your money. Here are a few advanced security guidelines that we recommend:

  1. Only keep a small working balance in your Bitcoin wallet. Limit your exposure to potential theft by keeping your Bitcoin wallet balance low. To limit your exposure to potential muggings, you wouldn’t walk around the streets with thousands of dollars in cash in your pocket. Just like an actual wallet, only keep a working amount of money in your Bitcoin wallet!
  2. Regularly back up the hard drive that contains your Bitcoin information. If your computer or hard drive fails, you can lose your Bitcoin forever! By making regular backups of your data, you always have another way to access your Bitcoin!
  3. Always keep a backup of the secret key to your Bitcoin wallet. When all else fails, your secret key allows you to access your Bitcoin wallet. Be sure to store your secret key where only you can access it. You can even create a QR code (which is like a fancy laser bar code) to help you retrieve your secret key if your device is lost or stolen.
  4. Create a backup plan for your loved ones in the event that you die suddenly or are incapacitated. Your Bitcoin can be lost forever if your loved ones don’t know where to find the locations and the passwords of your Bitcoin wallets. It’s a best practice to have a way for your loved ones to recover your funds in case you’re unable to do it yourself.
  5. Create an offline (cold storage) wallet for your Bitcoin An offline wallet - known as cold storage - provides the highest level of security for your Bitcoin. You can either store your Bitcoin on a device that never connects to the Internet, or you can print-out your Bitcoin and store them in a fire safe or bank safe deposit box!

BookMaker recommends that you use an intermediary Bitcoin wallet when receiving payouts from your account so your transactions are masked. It results in greater privacy of your financial transactions and keeps you safer. An intermediary Bitcoin wallet is not connected to your bank account and is a private wallet that accepts your payouts before you transfer your Bitcoin to a wallet that connects to your bank account.

While Bitcoin transactions may be anonymous, the Bitcoin blockchain is open for public view, which makes it possible to track transactions and guess their purpose. In order to help keep your transactions confidential, the best practice is to request your Bitcoin payouts be sent to an intermediary Bitcoin wallet first, and then transfer it to the Bitcoin wallet connected to your account. That will keep you safe and allow you to change your Bitcoin into your local currency.



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