BookMaker $1 Million March Madness Bracket Challenge

BookMaker $1 Million Bracket Challenge

Get your entry into the BookMaker $1 Million Dollar March Madness Bracket Challenge. The 2019 NCAA Tournament begins with first round action on Thursday, March 21, so you have until Thursday morning to fill out your bracket for a chance to win $1 million dollars. will give out a first place prize of $1 million dollars to any qualified entrant who correctly predicts the winner of every game of the 2019 NCAA Tournament.

Top 100 Places Paid and Every Entry is a Winner

Not only will BookMaker award $1 million dollars to anyone that picks a perfect bracket, BookMaker will award $10,000 to the first place winner of the contest, $5,000 to the second place finisher and $2,500 to the third place finisher. Places are paid all the way through the Top 100 and even if you don’t finish in the Top 100, every entry is a guaranteed winner, as BookMaker awards BetPoints.

Winning Bracket Strategy

It is great filling out a March Madness Bracket, but it is definitely more exciting if you fill out a winning one. There are 68 teams for you to consider and a lot of possibilities. If you don’t want to spend too much time filling out your bracket, then you could just make things simple and take the better seed in every game. Picking the better seed is not sexy, but it does give you better results than the average person. In fact, had you picked the better seed in every game over the last eight years, you would have gotten almost 20 points more than the average person.

Are you going to win the bracket contest picking all of the top seeds? The answer is probably not, but it is a good place to start. If you want to win the contest then you will also need to find some mid-range seeds who win a few games. You don’t have to get crazy, but you will need to find a team or two that gets you over the hump.
Many people love to go with a lot of upsets when picking their March Madness Bracket, but that is not the way to win the contest. The way to win is to pick a lot of favorites and sprinkle in some upsets along the way. Historically you are far better off forgetting about that #14 or #15 seed and going with the power, because you can’t afford to miss out on a top seed winning their first few games. And don’t forget that some #1 seeds are going to make the Final Four. You just have to try and figure out which one or two will miss.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to pick a perfect bracket to win the BookMaker $1 Million Bracket Challenge. You just need to finish in the Top 100 to cash and you can do that if you don’t get crazy picking a lot of lower seeds.

Contestants can begin submitting their entries for the $1 Million Bracket Challenge on Monday, March 18 and will have until Thursday, March 21st when the first round games tip-off to enter.

To participate, contestants must be a member. There a 3 ways to receive a bracket contest entries. (1) For every deposit of $300 or more into their betting account, contestants will receive 1 entry. (2) Entries can be obtained by redeeming BetPoints. (3) Entries can be purchased for $10 each. Contestants may enter as often as they like.

Full contest rules along with more information about the BookMaker $1 Million Bracket Challenge can be found here.

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