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Formula One is one of the rapidly growing sports both on television and streaming as well as at the betting window. Much of its success can be attributed to the reality TV series Drive to Survive, which became an international sensation and drove fans of the show to watch actual F1 races. It was easy for viewers of the TV series to be able to relate to the drivers, and it is now a format that other sports are trying to emulate. Sportsbooks certainly took notice, as betting activity has never been higher for the most technically oriented form of auto racing.

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2024 Formula 1 Schedule

Feb 29 - Mar 2 Bahrain
March 7-9 Saudi Arabia
March 22-24 Australia
April 5-7 Japan
April 19-21 China
May 3-5 United States
May 17-19 Italy
May 24-26 Monaco
June 7-9 Canada
June 21-23 Spain
June 28-30 Austria
July 5-7 Great Britain
July 19-21 Hungary
July 26-28 Belgium
August 23-25 Netherlands
Aug 30 - Sep 1 Italy
September 13-15 Azerbaijan
September 20-22 Singapore
October 18-20 United States
October 25-27 Mexico
November 1-3 Brazil
November 21-23 United States
Nov 29 - Dec 1 Qatar
December 6-8 Abu Dhabi
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Formula 1 has announced the calendar for the 2024 FIA Formula One World Championship, approved by the World Motor Sport Council. The calendar features 24 races and begins in Bahrain on March 2 and finishes in Abu Dhabi on December 8.

Formula 1 has made clear its intention to move towards greater calendar regionalization, reducing logistical burdens and making the season more sustainable.

By moving Japan to April, Azerbaijan to September, and Qatar back-to-back with Abu Dhabi, this calendar creates a better flow of races in certain regions. This work will continue while being realistic to the fact that as a world championship, with climatic and contractual constraints, there will always be travel required that cannot be completely regionalized.

For the opening two races of the season in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, the Grand Prix will take place on a Saturday. This decision has been taken to accommodate Ramadan.

An F1 Grand Prix race covers an entire weekend with practice sessions over the first two days. The day before the race, a qualifying round takes place to determine the starting order.

2024 Formula One Changes

The F1 Commission approves changes to the Sprint format and some other elements to be defined at a later date.

The F1 Commission, which comprises the FIA, the FOM, the teams, and the official suppliers, has approved the revision of several points for the regulations for 2024 and beyond, although some of them, such as the new Sprint format, will have to be fine-tuned and detailed in the coming weeks.

Changes will affect the sprint races, car cooling, wet weather tires, tire availability,financial changes, and the 2026 regulations.

These are the most important resolutions adopted in Abu Dhabi:

Sprint Race Weekend Format to be Updated

Still to be determined, but it looks like qualifying for Sunday's race, and the possibility of partial or all reverse grids for the Sprint race is being considered. However, nothing has been decided at the moment.

More Tests to Improve Wet Visibility with Covered Tires

Testing days will take place for Pirelli to improve the system ofremovable mudguards that were released this year. These are covers or mudguards for the rear wheels in extreme rain conditions to mitigate the spray or wake of water that the cars raise in these conditions.

No More Grand Prix with Fewer Sets of Tires Available

Supplying 11 sets of tires for the whole weekend instead of 13 was done twice in 2023 but in the face of complaints from drivers and teams, the idea of saving sets that do not benefit the show is discarded.

In addition, the intention to eliminate the heating blankets is suspended until at least 2026, i.e., the next two years will continue as before.

Ducting will be Allowed for More Pilot Cooling

The measure comes from the experience of the Qatar GP, where the cockpits turned into ovens, and some racers retired or had to be treated at the medical center after the race. The duct, located in the nose of the car, may be opened to improve airflow.

The 2026 Car Cannot be Developed Until the Beginning of 2025

The car, physically, will not be able to start production until the year before its implementation. However, prototype work on computers has already existed for some time in terms of simulators.

2023 Championship Recap

Overall, Max Verstappen was uncatchable, reeling off a record 10-race winning streak and sealing the title with six to spare. Wrapping up the title didn’t stop the parade of wins. Despite having nothing to race for except pride and prize money, the Red Bull driver won his next four Grands Prix after clinching.

The season was a perfect storm for the 26-year-old. He’s always had an absurd amount of talent, a mix of instinct, guts, and reflexes he got from his parents, both of whom raced. In 2023, he had the best car as well as plenty of luck, avoiding the pitfalls (a minuscule engine part failing, a botched tire strategy, etc.) that usually befall even the best at least a couple of times per season.

His dominance comes at a time when his sport continues to enjoy a surge in popularity in the US, thanks in part to Netflix’s Formula 1: Drive to Survive series. There are those, naturally, who argue that Verstappen’s winning ways are making F1 boring. But the TV ratings and betting action show that nobody is bored enough to quit F1.

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