Madden NFL 20 Conference Showdown Tournament Betting

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Madden NFL 20 Conference Showdown Tournament

Madden NFL 20 Conference Showdown Tournament

It’s time for another Madden NFL 20 tourney where the last team standing will be crowned the champion. With so many requests coming in for more Sports Sims Betting options, we decided to give the fans more with the all new Madden NFL 20 Conference Showdown.

Starting on Wednesday, April 22nd we will match teams to play against each other in simulated elimination matches. The winners of each AFC vs. NFC matchup will advance to the next round as the losers watch from the virtual sidelines. The final game will feature the Madden NFL 20 Conference Showdown as two teams do battle for the championship title. The New Orleans Saints are a slight favorite to win this tournament at odds of +550 with the Baltimore Ravens and Kansas City Chiefs right behind at odds of +555 and +651 respectively. You can also wager on which conference will win more games with the NFC a slight favorite and the NFC is also favored to win the title game at odds of -145.

It’s great to watch simulated sports but it’s even more fun to bet on it. The Madden NFL 20 Conference Showdown will offer Money Lines, Point Spreads and Totals for each and every game. You can even bet live on the games while watching the live-streams on Be sure to follow PrimeTimeAction on and on Twitter to stay up to date all the latest Sports Sims betting options and upcoming tournaments. Join Bookmaker today for the best odds on Madden NFL 20.

Tournament Round 1 Results

ROUND 1 - APR 22
Miami Dolphins at New Orleans Saints 10-26 Dolphins @ Saints
Detroit Lions at Houston Texans 23-30 Lions @ Texans
Jacksonville Jaguars at Minnesota Vikings 25-27 Jaguars @ Vikings
Atlanta Falcons at Los Angeles Chargers 17-20 Falcons @ Chargers
ROUND 1 - APR 23
Cincinnati Bengals at Green Bay Packers 12-20 Bengals @ Packers
Indianapolis Colts at Tampa Bay Buccaneers 10-38 Colts @ Buccaneers
Arizona Cardinals at New England Patriots 19-20 Cardinals @ Patriots
Oakland Raiders at Los Angeles Rams 13-16 Raiders @ Rams
ROUND 1 - APR 24
Buffalo Bills at Chicago Bears 9-31 Bills @ Bears
Washington Redskins at Tennessee Titans 17-27 Redskins @ Titans
New York Jets at San Francisco 49ers 13-12 Jets @ 49ers
Denver Broncos at Seattle Seahawks 14-52 Broncos @ Seahawks
ROUND 1 - APR 25
New York Giants at Baltimore Ravens 22-41 Giants @ Ravens
Cleveland Browns at Dallas Cowboys 9-24 Browns @ Cowboys
Pittsburgh Steelers at Philadelphia Eagles 10-20 Steelers @ Eagles
Carolina Panthers at Kansas City Chiefs 27-33 (OT) Panthers @ Chiefs

Tournament Round 2 Results

ROUND 2 - APR 26
Los Angeles Chargers at New Orleans Saints 24-27 Chargers @ Saints
Minnesota Vikings at Houston Texans 31-10 Vikings @ Texans
Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Green Bay Packers 6-27 Buccaneers @ Packers
Los Angeles Rams at New England Patriots 9-26 Rams @ Patriots
ROUND 2 - APR 27
New York Jets at Chicago Bears 34-10 Jets @ Bears
Seattle Seahawks at Tennessee Titans 12-7 Seahawks @ Titans
Philadelphia Eagles at Baltimore Ravens 27-16 Eagles @ Ravens
Kansas City Chiefs at Dallas Cowboys 28-31 Chiefs @ Cowboys

Tournament Round 3 Results

ROUND 3 - APR 28
New York Jets at Seattle Seahawks 14-45 Jets @ Seahawks
Minnesota Vikings at New Orleans Saints 13-20 Vikings @ Saints
Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys 16-27 Eagles @ Cowboys
Green Bay Packers at New England Patriots 27-24 (OT) Packers @ Patriots

Tournament Semi-Finals Results

Seattle Seahawks at Dallas Cowboys 3-21 Seahawks at Cowboys
Green Bay Packers at New Orleans Saints 34-27 Packers @ Saints

Tournament Final Results

Green Bay Packers at Dallas Cowboys 0-20 Packers @ Cowboys
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