Racebook up to 8% Cash Rebate

Racebook up to 8% Cash Rebate


All customers can receive a cash back percentage credited daily on eligible horse wagers, whether your bets win or lose. There are no minimum weekly volume requirements and no maximum on how much you can earn!

Get 3% back on all Win, Place and Show wagers (2% on bets placed through the call center)

Get 8% back on exotic wagers (5% on bets placed through the call center)

Rebates are not given on canceled wagers refunded due to a scratch, nor on payouts of $2.20 or less.

Wagers on "D" and "E" level tracks are not eligible for rebates.

Rebates are credited daily by 23:00 PST (please allow an additional hour in case of delays).

Please check the Track List & Payouts page to see which tracks are eligible for a rebate.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the BookMaker horse department at [email protected].

Please contact BookMaker customer support on Live Chat or email [email protected] for complete details.

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