Weekday Casino Schedule – March 23-27

Weekday Casino Schedule – March 23-27

BookMaker has an exciting schedule of casino games for the week of March 23-27 headlined by the March Machine Madness 32K Slot Tournament. It would normally be the week of the Sweet Sixteen in the NCAA Tournament, but since there is no basketball right now, you can play for big money in the BookMaker March Machine Madness Tournament with first place paying $12,000. Let’s look at the weekday schedule and some of the exciting tournaments you can enter at BookMaker during the week.

Monday, March 23

$32,000 March Machine Madness – Thrones Conquest

You can still enter this contest that concludes on Monday night. First place pays $12,000 and the top 20 finishers win cash. Players get 1000 starting chips and 50 spins to play each entry. The goal is to post the highest score possible. Buy-in and re-buys are available for this tournament and players can re-buy as often as they want until the tournament is over. This tournament is played on the Thrones Conquest slot machine.

Tuesday, March 24

$10,000 Blackjack Multi-hand FreeRoll

You don’t have to put up any money for your first entry in this tournament, as it is free. You can choose to re-buy for $10, as you look to win the $2,500 first place prize. The top 25 finishers in this FreeRoll win cash. Players begin with 1000 starting chips and they get 50 hands to play each entry. The goal is to end up with the highest score.

Wednesday, March 25

$10,000 Slots FreeRoll – Touchdown Frenzy

The Wednesday FreeRoll is a slot tournament that will be played on the Touchdown Frenzy machine. It is another tournament where first place pays $2,500 and the top 25 finishers win money. The first entry is free and re-buys are $10.

Thursday, March 26

$10,000 Slots FreeRoll – Fruity Fortune

The Thursday FreeRoll is a slot tournament that will be played on the Fruity Fortune machine. As with the other FreeRolls, this one pays $2,500 for first place and the top 25 finishers win money.

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Friday, March 27

$10,000 Blackjack Multi-hand FreeRoll

This is another Blackjack FreeRoll and is just like the FreeRoll that took place on Tuesday with first place paying $2,500 with the top 25 finishers winning money.More

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