Tuesday $10K Blackjack FreeRoll Tournament

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One of the most popular casino games is Blackjack and BookMaker has an exciting Blackjack tournament on Tuesday with $10,000 up for grabs. Your first entry for this tournament is free and re-buys are just $10. Players start with 1,000 chips and they get 50 hands to post the highest score. Players can re-buy as often as they want during this tournament. The top 25 finishers in this tournament win cash with first place paying $2,500. Let’s take a look at the Tuesday $10K Blackjack FreeRoll Tournament at BookMaker.

$10,000 Blackjack FreeRoll

Entry Fee – Free

Re-buy $10

Payout Structure

1st Place - $2,500 Cash

2nd Place - $1,500 Cash

3rd Place – $1,000 Cash

4th Place - $700 Cash

5th Place – $600 Cash

6th Place – $500 Cash

7th Place - $450 Cash

8th Place - $400 Cash

9th Place - $350 Cash

10th Place - $300 Cash

11th Place - $250 Cash

12th Place - $200 Cash

13th Place - $150 Cash

14th Place - $100 Cash

15th Place - $100 Cash

16th Place - $100 Cash

17th Place - $100 Cash

18th Place - $100 Cash

19th Place - $100 Cash

20th Place - $100 Cash

21st Place - $100 Cash

22nd Place - $100 Cash

23rd Place - $100 Cash

24th Place - $50 Cash

25th Place - $50 Cash

Tournament Info

Casino tournaments are very simple, as the goal is to get the highest score with your entry and if you finish in the top 25 you win cash. Players get 1,000 starting chips and 50 hands to play each entry. The first entry is free with re-buys costing $10. The tournament will be graded within 12-24 hours and all winning players will be credited with their winnings. To enter this tournament, players must use a desktop or a laptop computer. Players cannot play this tournament with a mobile device or smartphone.

Blackjack Tournament Strategy

It should go without saying that when you play blackjack you should make smart decisions as to whether or stand or fold, so we won’t get into basic blackjack decision making, as you should know what to do with each hand. What we will look at is a few other things that can help you in a Blackjack tournament. Keep in mind when you are playing a Blackjack tournament that you are not competing against the dealer. You are competing against other players and trying to get the highest score. It is all about money management and risk taking in a Blackjack tournament. You are not going to win a Blackjack tournament by playing it safe. You have to be very aggressive and not be afraid to risk the bulk of your chips, especially early on. Your goal is to build a big stack of chips, so you have to bet big.

Another thing to remember is to continually check the leaderboard. You need to know where you stand in relation to the other players if you expect to win money. Take a look at some of the top scores so you can see what you need to do to move up the leaderboard.

The great part about a Blackjack FreeRoll tournament is that you get a chance to win money without risking anything. Your first entry is free so you can play wild and loose in an attempt to build a big stack of chips. There will be people who will re-buy many times trying to get a big score, so you must remember to be aggressive with your betting. Keep in mind that you can test out some betting strategies in the FreeRoll and then either re-buy to continue testing those strategies or simply enter another FreeRoll later in the week. BookMaker runs daily FreeRolls that include Blackjack and Slots.More

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