BookMaker Adds Live Dealer to Casino Choices

BookMaker Adds Live Dealer to Casino Choices

Live Dealer casino games are now available at BookMaker. Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat and Super 6 Live Dealer games can be played right now in the online casino. With Live Dealer games you are playing with real dealers and with other players, just as you would at a local casino. You can enjoy all of the camaraderie with the dealer and the other players on your own computer, tablet or mobile device. If you want the most realistic casino experience then you need to try out the Live Dealer games in the BookMaker casino.

How do I Play Live Dealer Games?

It is easy to get started with Live Dealer games at BookMaker and you can be in action in no time. When you are logged into your account you simply click Live Dealer and you will be able to choose from a number of Live Dealer games. Those are Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, and Super 6. There are a number of Live Dealer tables available for each of those games and at different limits. Check out the layout of the screen and get ready for exciting interaction with the dealer and with other players.

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Live Dealer games are similar in many respects to the standard casino game, as the way you bet is the same and your actions are still done by selecting a button on the screen. The difference is that you can see the live dealer dealing the cards, spinning the wheel and interacting with players. The Live Dealer games give players a feel that they are actually in a land-based casino.

Most Popular Live Dealer Games

  1. Blackjack – When it comes to Live Dealer games there is Blackjack and then everything else. There is no comparison in terms of popularity, as Blackjack is a far more popular game than anything else offered at the casino other than poker. When you open up the Live Dealer menu at BookMaker you will notice that there are numerous Blackjack tables, while if you look at the other games there are normally just a couple of tables.
  2. Roulette – The second most-popular Live Dealer game at the online casino is Roulette, although it is distance second to Blackjack and at some online casinos it is neck and neck with Baccarat. Roulette doesn’t have quite the interaction that Blackjack has and there isn’t a lot for the dealer to do other than spin the wheel. Roulette, however, is a very simple game to play and it offers the potential for big payouts, so it has its place.
  3. Baccarat – The game of Baccarat definitely appeals to a specific genre of players, as not everyone is familiar with the game. It does, however, appeal to gamblers who want to risk big money. It is known as a high roller game, but that doesn’t mean the Live Dealer game doesn’t have players of all bankrolls at the table.
  4. Super 6 – Another variation of Baccarat is a game called Super 6. It is a game that players should actually like more than Baccarat because the odds are more favorable to the player. In regular Baccarat the casino charges 5% when paying off Banker’s bets, but in Super 6 the Banker’s hands are paid at even money, just like the Player’s hands. The one exception is when the Banker wins with “6.” Those bets are paid off at half price.

Live Dealer Advantages

When you play Live Dealer games at BookMaker there is no question that there is an atmosphere that is missing with regular casino games. Many people who play at their local casino find it hard to transition to regular casino games that are computer driven. Those people oftentimes are more comfortable playing with a Live Dealer. Although the games are the same and there is no worry about trust, it seems that people still prefer to see a Live Dealer handling the cards, the wheel, etc. The Live Dealer is using real decks and there is not a random number generator running the game. Not only do players get to see the Live Dealer, but they can interact with the Live Dealer as well. Players can also chat with one another while playing the game, just as they would at a local casino. There is also the added edge of keeping your concentration on the game, as it seems to be easier to follow a Live Dealer rather than a computer dealing the cards. The Live Dealer definitely makes it easier to “stay in the game.”

Check out Live Dealer games today at casino games at BookMaker and get in on the action!

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