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The Belmont Stakes tends to be the forgotten leg of the Triple Crown when a pony doesn't win both the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes. The lead up to the race is long, and the end result tends to be the most unpredictable of them all. Still, if you're not comfortable handicapping winners in one of the toughest races of the year, there's still plenty of ways to make money over the mile and a half jaunt. Prop bets have a tendency of being even more profitable than winning the race itself.

Belmont Stakes Odds at

1: Governor Malibu + 1624
2: Destin + 1122
3: Cherry Wine + 1220
4: Suddenbreakingnews + 626
5: Stradivari + 640
6: Gettysburg + 5250
7: Seeking the Soul + 4050
8: Forever d'Oro + 2570
9: Trojan Nation + 3283
10: Lani + 2091
11: Exaggerator + 165
12: Brody's Cause + 1422
13: Creator + 827

Will the winning horse be wearing an odd or even saddlecloth?

The odd-numbered saddlecloths were massive favorites over the evens in the Preakness Stakes and ended up sweeping the entire board. It was probably the easiest play on the board in terms of Preakness props, and it might seem like it's an easy play again in the Belmont Stakes.

After all, the odd horses get you both the winner (Exaggerator) and runner-up (Cherry Wine) of the Preakness Stakes, the trendiest horse in the field (Creator), and the horse who was the trendiest at the Preakness (Stradivari). About the only big time favorite you're giving up on is Suddenbreakingnews, and most assume that no other pony in the bunch will end up having a chance to contend.

But look again at those even ponies. Having SBN is a big deal for sure, but Lani might be the most underappreciated horse in this field after two disappointing runs to start the Triple Crown season, and Gettysburg, in spite of the fact that he's going to be the longest shot on the board, will surely be out in front for much of the race. Destin has fresh legs and is going to be hoping for a better run at the Belmont than he had at the Kentucky Derby, and Brody's Cause is showing a lot smaller betting line offshore ( +1422 ) than on the morning line odds ( 20/1 ), something which is generally a sign of a sharp bet.

You'll be getting a great price on the even numbered horses in the Belmont Stakes, and as long as you're not married to Exaggerator, you're going to be getting some value for sure. If you're convinced Exaggerator is winning the Belmont, just bet on him to do so and ignore this prop entirely.

Will a horse win the Belmont Stakes wire-to-wire?

Perhaps the most interesting question of the Belmont is which horse will ultimately be on the lead. Gettysburg makes the most sense, but it's not out of the realm of possibility that one of the favorites ends up getting a bigger start than you'd think. After all, we saw Exaggerator all of a sudden become an early closer instead of a deep closer at the Preakness, and there isn't a person who thought he could make the distance after making his move to the front of the field so early.

Would it really be a shocker to see Stradivari or Destin or even Exaggerator being the first out of the gate without any other real speed horse in the field? Conventional wisdom suggests that betting on this prop is a bet on just Gettysburg, the biggest dog in the field, but there are other options here as well which might ultimately make betting the yes all the more intriguing.

Belmont Stakes odds at

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