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Coming into the inaugural season of the Overwatch League, the London Spitfire were seen as one of the three favorites. London signed the entire roster of Team Kongdoo Panthera shortly after they finished runner-up to Lunatic-Hai at Overwatch APEX Season 3, and that made them an instant contender. The Spitfire lived up to the billing and then some by being crowned champions at the end of the year, and they are out to defend their title in 2019.

London Spitfire Owners

Jack Etienne and Cloud9 are the owners of the London Spitfire, and their success in the Overwatch League helped make Cloud9 the Organization of the Year. Cloud9 have not been involved with Esports for as long as other brands, but they have been a heavyweight since their foundation in 2013. They field teams in over a dozen games, and they have a strong presence in both the United Kingdom and the United States.

London Spitfire 2018 Year in Review

The London Spitfire did not need much time to show that they were one of the heavyweights of the Overwatch League. They qualified for the Stage One Playoffs and upset the New York Excelsior to win the Stage One Playoffs, but there was soon trouble within the organization. Although they qualified for the Stage Two Playoffs with an 8-2 record, two players publicly complained about their roles on the team, and that led to the Spitfire trading Fissure and Rascal to different teams. Then, head coach Bishop left, and that sent a jolt through the team.

Word quickly spread that there was something wrong internally, and those rumors seemed to bear fruit as the Spitfire misfired down the stretch. London went 5-5 in Stage Three and 4-6 in Stage Four, and they ended up stumbling their way into the Overwatch League Playoffs as the No. 5 seed.

Of course, we all know what happened from that point on. The Spitfire nipped the Los Angeles Gladiators in the Quarterfinals, swept the Los Angeles Valiant in the Semifinals, and then swept the Philadelphia Fusion to win the first-ever Overwatch League.

We had seen individual elements of the Spitfire pop off and play well at different points during the season, but this was the first time it all came together. The DPS play had been great for most of the year. Birdring was the best Soldier: 76 player for most of the season, and he was fantastic on Widowmaker and Reaper too. Meanwhile, Profit was perhaps the best DPS player in the entire league with incredible performances on a number of characters. He was the best Tracer in the world last year, and he was solid on Genji, Junkrat, Brigitte, and Hanzo too.

Bdosin was one of the best support players in the Overwatch League, but the difference in the playoffs was the emergence of the tanks. Fury and Gesture had been up and down over the second half of the regular season, yet they took their play to another level in the postseason. Fury was the team’s D.Va throughout the playoff run, while Gesture was the main tank, and the interplay between the two was exquisite.

London Spitfire Roster

The Spitfire parted ways with two players during the regular season and Hooreg, WooHyaL, HaGoPeun, TiZi, and Closer left at the end of the season.

After winning the first-ever Overwatch League title, London decided that it didn’t need to make any major changes with its starting lineup. Profit and Birdring are back as the two main DPS players on the Spitfire, and Fury and Gesture will look to keep growing their synergy together. Bdosin and NUS will be the two players starting in support.

In mid-October, London decided to add a little depth. The Spitfire added another DPS player in Guard and they grabbed a young up-and-coming support in Krillin. Krillin just became eligible to play in October, and many are excited about his talent.

London decided to leave the rest of its roster unfilled in order to add players during the course of the year as they see fit. A few teams made the unwise decision to use all 12 of their roster spots early on last year, and they couldn’t make changes as the season went on. The Spitfire want to avoid that.

London Spitfire 2019 Preview

Coming into this year, London has to be seen as one of the favorites. The Spitfire have as strong of a starting six as any team in the league, but the question will be the depth. If the meta changes abruptly, they may need some time to catch up. They should have no problem getting back to the postseason though, and Etienne and Cloud9 will make sure they are not wanting for resources.

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