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Although the Florida Mayhem weren’t the worst team in the Overwatch League last season, they were pretty bad. Florida was a paltry 7-33 in the Atlantic Division, and the Mayhem finished 15 games behind the next worst team in their division. Only the winless Shanghai Dragons spared their blushes and kept them from being the worst team in the league, but Florida knows it can only go up from here. At least it hopes so.

Florida Mayhem Owners

This franchise is owned by European Esports organization Misfits, and they have given the Mayhem their distinctive black, red, and yellow color scheme. They were one of the better teams in Europe before the foundation of the Overwatch League, yet they are searching for answers after an awful 2018 season.

Many fans have begged the Mayhem to change their color scheme to the bright blue and pink that evokes memories of Miami in the 1980s. However, Misfits CEO Ben Spoont and Florida have insisted that the organization will keep their current colors.

Florida Mayhem 2018 Year in Review

The Florida Mayhem made some curious decisions before even the first game of the season. Let’s start with the good.

There was continuity when it came to Florida’s roster. Unlike other teams that put together their teams part and parcel, the Mayhem simply transferred over the Misfits team they had before the formation of the Overwatch League. Five of the six players were Scandinavian (Logix being the exception) and each of those five players had been on either Sweden’s or Finland’s Overwatch World Cup team too.

However, whereas other teams that simply brought over an established team added more pieces to make their lineup more dynamic and strategies more flexible, Florida held firm. Even though the allowed roster size was 12, the Mayhem only had their original six on the team for Stage 1, and they were the only team not to have any substitutes. That turned out to be a mistake.

Florida went 1-9 in Stage 1, and the Mayhem were outmaneuvered in nearly every series. Most teams stopped them in their tracks, while others simply adapted to their initial strategies and held the course to get the victories.

The Mayhem saw they needed to add new players and added three new faces for Stage 2. That led to a modest improvement as the team went 3-7 with new players like Sayaplayer and zappis leading the way, but the Mayhem regressed in the next two stages to finish with just seven match wins all season.

Florida Mayhem Roster

It’s not much of a shock that after such a disappointing season, the Mayhem didn’t bring back most of last year’s squad. From their original six members, only DPS player TviQ returns. TviQ was probably the best player on the team last year, and he jumped on whatever character the Mayhem needed him to play. He played at least a dozen heroes as Florida’s real wildcard, but he is hoping to find some stability this year.

Sayaplayer and SNT are back too. Sayaplayer became the team’s primary player on sniping champions like Widowmaker and Soldier 76, and he played a lot during the last stage of the season. SNT, formerly known as AwesomeGuy, was one of the team’s tanks and he became the primary Winston player with some Orisa and Reinhardt sprinkled in.

It didn’t take long for Florida to make moves during the offseason. The Mayhem signed flex tank XepheR away from Seoul Dynasty and support HaGoPeun away from the London Spitfire in September. Both players should be immediate upgrades in those roles.

Their other acquisitions were a little more risky. DPS Apply was on Florida’s academy team as he waited to turn 18, while support Kris and DPS BQB came over from Korea. Swon, a tank, rounds out the roster, and he was last seen on NRG.

Florida Mayhem 2019 Preview

Well, it can’t get much worse for the Mayhem in 2019. Florida looks to have followed in the footsteps of many teams last year who decided to bring together as many Koreans as possible (seven of the nine players on the roster now are Korean) and hope things click. That strategy had mixed results last year, but there is no doubt that this year’s team is more talented than last year’s version.

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