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The Atlanta Reign were one of the first teams to sign up for the second season of the Overwatch League. Less than a week after the London Spitfire won the inaugural championship, the Reign and the Guangzhou Charge joined the league, with the Overwatch League announcing the move on August 2. The move puts an Overwatch team in four of the five biggest cities in America, and further grows the nascent league’s footprint.

Atlanta Reign Owners

An Atlanta conglomerate owns the Reign, tying the team to the city in a way that other franchises in this league have not been able to. Cox Enterprises bought the expansion slot, and this will be the business’ first Esports team. Cox is a major telecommunications company throughout the southeastern United States, and they are headquartered in Atlanta. They also own a number of automotive service companies.

Atlanta Reign Roster

Kudos to Atlanta for thinking outside the box. Whereas most inaugural teams seemed to grab a number of cast-offs and spare parts that were in the Overwatch League last year, the Reign decided to sign a team full of fresh faces. However, this is a truly multinational roster with players from six different countries, so there are going to be some growing pains.

The biggest name that Atlanta signed was professional streamer Dafran. Dafran was one of the best DPS players in the world in 2017, and he was a star on Contenders team Selfless. However, his streaming antics continually got him in trouble, and that eventually led to him being suspended by both his team and the league in the middle of 2017. That led to him being left out in the cold throughout 2018, but the Reign took a chance on him. If he can keep a level head, he will be a great addition.

Erster will be joining Dafran in the DPS role. He was formerly on Ardeont and Lucky Future Zenith, and he was known as a Genji and Pharah main there. Nlaaer rounds out Atlanta’s DPS players. He is primarily a Tracer player, but he was on McCree and Widowmaker some of the time as well.

DACO will be Atlanta’s D.Va specialist. He was brought over from Korea, where he was Element Mystic’s D.Va main for over a year. Gator is a main tank that we will mostly see on Winston or Reinhardt, but he also will hop on a DPS champion every now and then if the composition calls for it. DACO’s old teammate Pokpo rounds out the tank lineup, and he is likely to start at main tank over Gator.

In support, the player everyone is excited to see is Masaa. He was a fantastic shotcaller on Finland’s Team Gigantti, and he was a big part of why they remained one of the best teams in Europe after they lost so much talent. Masaa came up big time and time again on Lucio and Mercy, and he is expected to be the team’s leader.

Joining Masaa in support will be Kodak and Dogman. Kodak is seen as a German prodigy that can play a variety of roles. He was on Germany’s World Cup team, but he didn’t join a roster last year because he didn’t turn 18 until late May. Just before the start of the season, the Reign announced that Dogman would be coming up from their academy team as a full-time member. He has a great knowledge of the game with his experience on so many teams, and he is likely to be the team’s Ana main when the situation calls for it.

Atlanta Reign 2019 Preview

This team has so many question marks. We don’t know a lot about most of the players, and the most well-known player is someone who was a streamer throughout 2018 after being declared toxic.

Still, this seems like a team that knew what they were doing. Atlanta got a jump on every other expansion team, and the Reign got an advantage over their expansion counterparts as a result. I wouldn’t be surprised if this team managed to sneak into the playoffs, and this will be one of the most intriguing teams in 2019

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