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The Amazing Race Betting

The Amazing Race Betting

One of the longest running reality television series in the world is The Amazing Race. Shortly after the success of Survivor, other shows sprung up to start the reality television revolution, and this has been arguably the most successful show of the bunch. There have been 31 seasons since 2001, and the show’s success in America led to spin-offs in 14 other countries. None of those versions has been as popular as the original edition though.

The Amazing Race Overview

The premise of The Amazing Race is somewhat simple, but like most reality television shows, it has added more and more complexity over the years in order to stay fresh. At its core, the show is a race around the world featuring 10 to 12 teams competing for a $1 million grand prize.

This race will last anywhere from three weeks to a month, and the route typically circumnavigates the globe. Along the way, teams receive clues in order to determine the next destination in their path, and they compete to arrive there first. Teams that reach the end of the leg before any of their rivals usually receive a prize, while the last place team is typically eliminated at that point. As the race progresses, more and more teams are eliminated until the finale highlights a handful of teams.

The United States has been easily the most visited country in The Amazing Race with every season showcasing at least one leg on American soil. China, France, and India are very common destinations as well, and Argentina, Brazil, Germany, and Japan have been highlighted in several seasons. In all, the show has visited most countries in the world at this point, but there are some places they cannot travel due to safety fears.

The Amazing Race Winners

1 Rob Frisbee and Brennan Swain
2 Chris Luca and Alex Boylan
3 Flo Pesenti and Zach Behr
4 Reichen Lehmkuhl and Chip Arndt
5 Chip McAllister and Kim McAllister
6 Freddy Holliday and Kendra Bentley
7 Uchenna Agu and Joyce Agu
8 Nick, Alex, Megan, and Tommy Linz
9 B.J. Averell and Tyler MacNiven
10 Tyler Denk and James Branaman
11 Eric Sanchez and Danielle Turner
12 T.K. Erwin and Rachel Rosales
13 Nick Spangler and Starr Spangler
14 Tammy Jih and Victor Jih
15 Meghan Rickey and Cheyne Whitney
16 Dan Pious and Jordan Pious
17 Nat Strand and Kat Chang
18 Kisha Hoffman and Jen Hoffman
19 Cindy Chiang vs Ernie Halvorsen
20 Rachel Brown and Dave Brown Jr.
21 Brent Ridge and Josh Kilmer-Purcell
22 Bates Battaglia and Anthony Battaglia
23 Jason Case and Amy Diaz
24 Dave O’Leary and Connor O’Leary
25 Amy DeJong and Maya Warren
26 Laura Pierson and Tyler Adams
27 Kelsey Gerckens and Joey Buttitta
28 Dana Borriello and Matt Stefanina
29 Brooke Camhi and Scott Flanary
30 Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf
31 Colin Guinn and Christie Woods

There are two reasons why people like The Amazing Race. The first reason is usually the locales. People can see parts of the world they’ve only read about or dreamed of, and viewers can live vicariously through the contestants as they visit each far-flung location.

The other main reason to watch the show is to watch the interactions between teammates. Other reality shows follow an everyone versus everyone format where contestants are cutthroat and vicious, but the primary tension in The Amazing Race is typically between teammates. Teammates can be lovers, friends, or family members, and that adds an extra dynamic as their bonds are put to the test in this high-stress environment.

Over the last twenty years, The Amazing Race has largely featured normal, everyday people, but there have been a lot of minor celebrities on the show too. Other reality show contestants, NFL players, beauty pageant winners, and poker players are just some of the names that have been on the show during its long history. For the most part, those names don’t have a ton of success, but occasionally a team of semi-famous people will rise to the occasion.

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