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Reality TV Betting OddsBetting has traditionally been the domain of sports fans, with activities like horse racing or football taking most of the betting action. But with the growing popularity of reality television and the millions of viewers that follow such shows as Survivor or The Voice, bookmakers are now finding a new client base.

Online entertainment betting offers great wagering options, including the Grammy's, Oscars, Golden Globes, and many more. Online entertainment betting gives you the chance to pick your favorite performers and wager on whether or not they will win.

Specials betting or novelty betting is a new betting variation that's rapidly growing, and reality TV betting is one of its biggest markets. Big Brother, with several options for betting fans during the 12 weeks of the show, opened a new world of options for the sportsbooks. The popularity of the many reality shows that have been created since, many now including celebrities, made it possible for the sportsbooks to have a constant flow of betting lines and props throughout the year.

Sportsbooks now offer lines for betting on just about everything, from who will win best actor or actress for the Oscars to who will win the General Election, or even whether or not there will be a white Christmas. And reality TV shows have an endless supply of betting possibilities, from who will be the outright winner of any given competition, to who will be voted of the show any given week, or whether there will be any surprise eliminations on the show.

If you follow popular television shows then online reality TV betting is for you. The option to bet on individual performers and stars opens a number of possibilities for entertainment betting. Take a look right now at the BookMaker Sportsbook's entertainment betting odds and enjoy your favorite shows.

The most popular reality TV betting options are found on The Voice and Dancing with the Stars. The Voice online entertainment betting starts in September, while Dancing with the Stars begins in March.

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