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Big Brother Betting

Big Brother Betting

Few shows in the history of American television have reached the long-term level of success that Big Brother has enjoyed since its inception on July 5, 2000. In many ways Big Brother was ahead of the curve as one of the original “Reality TV” programs. At the time many scoffed at Reality TV as a fad that could never last and a sign that the entertainment industry was in steep decline. However Big Brother has defied those early criticisms and is now enjoying its 21st season on the air. Best of all, from a gambling perspective it offers a level of intrigue and suspense that creates endless opportunity.

Origins and Format

Big Brother is based on the famed George Orwell novel Nineteen Eight-Four and features a diverse group of individuals known as HouseGuests that share an existence in a custom-built home. Where it gets good is that these HouseGuests are totally isolated from the outside world with no communication. The rules are strict in that there is no television, phone, internet magazines, or newspapers allowed on the premises.

Adding to the suspense and intrigue is that the HouseGuests must interact with others that could have far different views or prejudices. Viewers get to observe relationships that develop between the HouseGuests and their behavior. Although a HouseGuest can quit and leave the residence, once they do, they are never allowed back in. Furthermore, anyone that breaks the rules faces the possibility of total banishment. Each week certain HouseGuests are evicted based on competitions that are held. Contestants are competing for total prize money of $500,000.


Among the competitions that are held for Big Brother are Head of Household, Power of Veto, Food and Luxury, Battle of the Block, and Battle Back.

The competitions can feature incredible intensity that serves to drive some viewers away for being “too much.” Tests of knowledge and endurance can bring out the best or worst in competitors. Skill tests are another stressful feature of the competition. The food and luxury competition are a favorite of many. The Big Brother slop diet, sleeping in a have-not bedroom, and taking cold showers for a week can test the patience and nerves of anyone. Luxury competitions include the ability to watch television or movies in the residence. Battle Back is considered by many to be the best competition as evicted HouseGuests attempt to return and participate as if they had never left.

Not for the Faint of Heart

Big Brother is popular and has endured for two-decades on CBS because of its intensity. However, with that comes some ugly moments in the show along with profanity, insults, backstabbing, and tirades. There are times where contestants will freak out over various situations. While that makes for tremendous television entertainment that is no different than sports for others it does not provide the “Disneyland” type of escape that they are looking for in a show.

Betting on Big Brother

Odds are available for the various competitions that include single bets, props, exotics, and parlays. Get to know the contestants, their abilities and personalities. In no time you’ll be making buck!

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