Gridiron Game Days Slot Tournament Series

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Gridiron Game Days Tournament Betting

Gridiron Game Days Tournament Betting

As August winds down into its final couple of weeks the excitement and anticipation of a new football season is in the air. Fans and gamblers are in celebratory moods knowing that the next five months are the best five months of the year. And that is where the $150,000 Gridiron Game Days Slots Series comes into play. It’s no accident that our best slots tournament coincides with everyone’s favorite sports season to bet on. And with our cash payouts and casino bonuses its surefire touchdown with the extra point!

How to Get Started and How it Works

Our entry fee is $40 with a rebuy of $20. You can buy as many entries and rebuys for each tournament as you like. You will start with 1000 chips and 50 spins with each entry.

Your goal is to score as many points as possible during the tournament so that you end up on the leaderboard. Final results of each tournament are graded within 12 to 24 hours of the tourney end time. All winning players are credited within that time frame.

Please note you cannot access a tournament from a mobile device or smartphone. You can only play the tournament from a desktop or laptop.

To access and play please click in this order starting with visit casino, visit casino tournament, see list of tournaments, click on play now under my entries. Then have fun!

Payout Structure

First place pays a whopping $10,000 cash with $5,000 for second and $3,000 for third. Fourth place is good for $2,000 with $1,000 awarded for fifth place. From there cash awards are $900 for sixth, $800 for seventh, $700 for eighth, $600 for ninth, and $500 for tenth. $100 cash awards are paid out for finishing 11th through 15th with casino bonuses paid from 16th through 20th place.

The Benefits, Fun and Excitement of a Slots Tournament

There is nothing like a slots tournament. If you have played slots but not a tournament this is the one to break into. The football theme certainly adds to the good mood and the cash prizes and awards are as good as you can find anywhere.

Just as important is that a slots tournament offers a level of excitement that can’t be found when playing slots on your own. First, of course, you can win a lot of money for just a small entry. Second, slots tournaments are timed which means that you have to play fast and keep the slots spinning continuously. Any chips that you have left at the end of the tournament can’t be used and are lost forever. As such the level of intensity is extremely high.

While playing slots on your own can give you peace and quiet as the ultimate “me time,” a tournament is a great way to get to meet others. You will have the opportunity to mingle and make friends with countless other players. Best of all you can do so from the safe and sanitized comforts of home!

So strap it on and get ready for kickoff!

Check here the Tournament Structure

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