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Phil has been covering various sporting events at BookMaker for a year. Although his writing talents have lead him to other endeavors as a sports writer and editor, when he's not announcing, writing or publishing stats, he's handicapping professional and college football and basketball, plus NBA, NCAA hoops, Major League Baseball and NHL.

With a background in college and professional athletics, Phil knows a little bit about what he writes, though he doesn't have a copy of Gray's Sports Almanac, so wager at your own risk. Root with your heart and gamble with your head. Following Phil's rule and reading his articles will put you in a position to be profitable.

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BookMaker.euIt wouldn’t be the ACC without a battle to the end at the top of the standings. The North Carolina Tar Heels made sure there would be more intrigue over the final weeks of the season by creating a three-way tie for first with their thrashing of Duke on Wednesday night. UNC, Duke and Virginia are all 11-2 in conference with the Florida State Seminoles looking to make a run to the top. The Noles have won eight straight ACC games for the first time and can make things more interesting if they can s...  More

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