Golf Betting

The sport of Golf is an interesting one. You take a ball the size of a small egg and try to knock it into a 4.25-inch hole placed hundreds of yards away with just a thin stick with a small paddle on the end. I can’t imagine that it’s easy but some golfers certainly make it look like it is. There are various tournaments in a golf season and the PGA tour is where the four Majors take place. You can follow the golfer of your choice or tune into the event that suits you. Either way you will find plenty of betting options when it comes to Golf.

You can bet on each and every golf tournament in the PGA Tour. The options are many including Live Betting As your favorite player makes his way through the holes, you can bet on the match in real time. There are a lot of variables to the game that can cause leaders to change and you want to be ready when it happens. Join BookMaker today and be a winner!

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