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You’d be forgiven if you looked at the Washington Justice logo and thought that Optimus Prime had joined the Overwatch League. The logo reminds many of the most famous Transformer, with its pattern, color scheme, and inherent patriotism. However, the Justice aren’t a superhero, they are just one of the newest teams in the Overwatch League looking to start play in 2019.

Washington Justice Owners

The Justice are owned by Washington Esports Ventures, a company founded by Mark Ein. Ein is an owner known for having a diverse portfolio of investments, and he threw his hat into the Esports ring with this purchase. He is the CEO of both Capitol Investment Corporation and Venturehouse Group, the latter of which owns XM Satellite Radio.

This isn’t Ein’s first foray into competitive sports. He has been the owner of the Washington Kastles in World Team Tennis for the last ten years, and under his stewardship the franchise has won six championships. The Justice are hoping for similar success.

Washington Justice Roster

A few weeks after the new franchise was announced, the Washington Justice signed their team’s first head coach. They decided to go with former New York Excelsior assistant WizardHyeong, and they are hoping that he can bring some of that NYXL magic from America’s biggest city to its capital.

The Justice made some history too. Washington signed the first female coach in the league when the Justice brought in Avalla, and she will join a number of other experienced assistants in this coaching staff.

As for the team, the Justice decided to sign five Korean players and three Americans to their roster for their first season in the league. The big addition was Janus. Janus was signed just a few days after the franchise was announced, and he joined on the same day as WizardHyeong. Janus was the main tank on the New York Excelsior last year, and he was known for his aggressive playstyle. He would often lead the dive on either Winston or Reinhardt, and he is expected to do the same with Washington.

Curiously, it took another three months for the franchise to sign another player. Some have speculated this was because the team didn’t have the funds to add other quality players after signing Janus, but the organization has denied that claim.

Eventually Washington did sign some other players. The Justice added two veterans in Gido and Ado in early December. Gido was a support on Seoul Dynasty that had a hard time getting out of the shadow of his role model Ryujehong, and he will be the team’s primary Zenyatta. Meanwhile, Ado was one of the few bright spots on the winless Shanghai Dragons, and he put up some nice numbers despite the team’s inability to get a victory.

The Justice decided to add two more Korean players in support Hyeonu and flex Sansam. Hyeonu played Mercy and Lucio on Meta Athena and Meta Bellum in Korea, and Sansam was the D.Va on both of those teams.

It will be intriguing to see how the three Americans fit into the lineup. Corey is a hitscan DPS player that was playing for the Los Angeles Gladiators’ Contenders team last year, and he was seen as an up-and-coming talent throughout the season. Stratus was a utility DPS player that was on the NRG Esports’ Contenders team, while Fahzix was a support on that team who specialized on Ana and Zenyatta.

Washington Justice 2019 Preview

The big question for this team will be communication. A number of teams that tried to intersperse Korean players with players from other countries struggled early in the inaugural season, so Washington will be looking to break that trend.

The other question is how good will these new players be? We didn’t see much of Gido on Seoul last year, and Ado showed us some flashy plays on Shanghai, but we don’t know if either player can contribute to a winner. Janus is the only proven commodity, other than WizardHyeong, so multiple players are going to have to step up for this team to compete. I think there are far too many questions, and I expect this to be one of the bottom teams in the Atlantic Division.

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