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$10K FREEROLL Series
1st Place
$2,500 Cash
2nd Place
$1,500 Cash
3rd Place
$1,000 Cash
4th Place
$700 Cash
5th place
$600 Cash
6th place
$500 Cash
7th place
$450 Cash
8th place
$400 Cash
9th place
$350 Cash
10th place
$300 Cash
11th place
$250 Cash
12th place
$200 Cash
13th place
$150 Cash
14th place
$100 Cash
15th place
$100 Cash
16th place
$100 Cash
17th place
$100 Cash
18th place
$100 Cash
19th place
$100 Cash
20th place
$100 Cash
21st place
$100 Cash
22nd place
$100 Cash
23rd place
$100 Cash
24th place
$50 Cash
25th place
$50 Cash

How It Works

Casino Tournaments are quite simple. Post the highest score possible with your entry, and if you are in the top 25 positions on the Leaderboard, you will earn a cash prize.

Players will be awarded 1000 starting chips and 50 spins/hands to play for each entry. The objective of the tournament is to post the highest score possible to land on the Leaderboard.

Players are welcome to buy in or rebuy as many entries as they want within the given timeframe of each tournament.

Tournament results will be graded within 12-24 hours of the tournament end time, and all winning players will be credited their winnings during this timeframe.

To access the tournament, players will need to enter from a desktop or laptop computer. Players can NOT play the tournament via a mobile device or smartphone.

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Good Luck!