• How to get a payout if I have deposited with a credit/debit card?

    BookMaker.eu has built its reputation as a leader in the industry for over 20 years because we take our customers’ confidentiality, privacy, and the security of personal financial details very seriously. In order to protect your BookMaker.eu account and to prevent credit card fraud, BookMaker.eu requires a complete verification of your information.

    To prove the authenticity of your identity and supporting documents, BookMaker.eu has stringent deposit and payout controls and identification requirements. For this reason, BookMaker.eu reserves the right to ask you for “selfies” of you holding your documents up to face level so that we may match your face and documents to the form of identification you provide us.

    BookMaker.eu does not share your personal information with any government or tax authorities; and this documentation process is only required once per credit card used.

  • Follow these 3 simple steps:


    Prepare your documents

    • 1.Download the authorization form by clicking here
    • 2.Fill-out and complete the authorization form
    • 3.Front and back copy of the credit/debit card that you used
    • 4.Valid government issued picture ID
    • 5.Imprint of the card
      • How to make an imprint?

      • 1.Place the card on top a flat surface
      • 2.Place the authorization form on top the credit/debit card and underneath the rectangle where you will make the imprint
      • 3.Lightly rub a pencil over the top until the image of your credit card appears clearly and legibly
  • Step2

    Take pictures of your documents

    • 1.Photo of the filled-out, completed authorization form
    • 2.Photo of the front and back of the credit/debit card you used
    • 3.Photo of the valid government issued ID
    • 4.Photo of the card imprint that appears on the authorization form
    • *scanned documents will not be accepted - only photos.
  • Step3

    EMAIL them to us

  • Next

    What’s Next?

    • Once you send the documentation, please provide us approximately 15-20 minutes to review your documents. BookMaker.eu Customer Service department will email you whether your documentation is approved or declined. If for any reason, you do not receive a reply email, please contact our Customer Service department to check on the status of your documentation review.


    • There are times when certain documents have been accidentally omitted or the documents are unable to be approved due to various reasons.
      • 1- You must complete this process for each and every credit/debit card that you used
      • 2- No glares or flashes that obscure the information on your ID
      • 3- All four corners of your identification (including passports) must be visible in the photo
      • 4- The imprint is required and needs to be completely clear and legible
      • 5- All documents need to be clear, easy to read, and completely filled-out
      • 6- All requested information on the authorization form needs to be completely filled-out
      • 7- Signature on the authorization form needs to match the ID
      • 8- If a card is no longer available, please get an official document from the bank stating that the card is no longer available
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