League of Legends 2020 LEC Spring Split Week 1 Betting Preview

By  Jonathan Willis

Friday, January 24th, 2020

League of Legends 2020 LEC Spring Split Week 1 Betting Preview

After an interminable wait, we will finally have League of Legends action in the Western Hemisphere this weekend. While China’s LPL has been underway for two weeks to account for Chinese New Year, teams from Europe and North America have been biding their time to get back onto Summoner’s Rift. The LEC will get the party started on Friday, but the most exciting day of action looks to be Saturday. Here are the League of Legends betting odds and picks for this week.

League of Legends 2020 LCS Spring Split Week 1 Betting Odds

MAD Lions -190
Team Vitality +150

The team formerly known as Splyce is arguably the most interesting team in the Spring Split. MAD Lions put together a brand-new roster after making the jump from EU Masters to the LEC, and they have the potential to make some noise in their first year together. Keeping mid laner Humanoid around was shrewd, and they have a top laner with carry potential in Orome.

Vitality fell apart last season, and this team could be the worst in the LEC since they didn’t improve their roster in the offseason. They parted ways with respected coach YamatoCannon, mid laner Jiizuke, bottom laner Attila, and they still have a major hole in the jungle. There are way too many questions early on for this team, so lay the chalk with the MAD Lions.

Rogue -265
Excel Esports +204

These two teams were seen as the worst in the region through much of last year, but Rogue turned it on to surprisingly qualify for the 2019 Summer Split Playoffs. Rogue was able to keep the core of its team together after last year’s surge, and this team made a marked improvement in the bottom lane too with the signing of Hans Sama. They have the potential to win in any of the three lanes against most teams in Europe, and Rogue have a real chance of finishing in the top four in the spring.

Origen -240
FC Schalke 04 +186

If any team is going to upset the apple cart and keep Fnatic or G2 from winning the Spring Split, it’s going to be Origen. They were the second-best team in the spring last year, and Origen improved in the offseason by bringing in both Xerxe and Upset. Xerxe is one of the best junglers in the region. His pathing is superb, and although his champ selection can be iffy, he usually makes it work. Upset is the most underrated bottom laner in the region and pairing him with Xerxe and Nukeduck makes Origen scary.

The big question mark is new support Destiny. It’s not often that we see the EU welcome OPL imports, but Destiny shined on Dire Wolves, Chiefs, and MAMMOTH, so Origen are willing to roll the dice on the 22-year-old. The moment could be a little big the first week though, so I like Schalke in the upset.

Fnatic -525
Misfits Gaming +365

The most decorated team in the history of European League of Legends is in an interesting spot this split. Fnatic are clearly the second-best team in Europe, but they are on a lower rung than G2. That puts this organization in an unusual position, as they know they can’t beat G2 playing their typical play style.

With that in mind, I expect to see some evolution out of Fnatic in the first few weeks of the Spring Split. Fnatic will experiment and tinker with new strategies with an eye on topping G2, and that could lead to some upsets. Although Misfits will likely miss the playoffs this split, they could rise up and topple Fnatic with a veteran mid laner like Febiven leading the way.

G2 Esports -910
SK Gaming +549

What can G2 do for an encore? G2 won both titles last year and became the first western team to win a major League of Legends competition when they claimed the Mid-Season Invitational. No European team had ever won three titles before last year, and the entire starting lineup is back with an eye on winning the World Championships.

G2’s biggest foe this year will be complacency. We saw this team play around too often at times in matches during the last split, and that could lead to an upset here.

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