League of Legends 2020 LCS Summer Split Week 8 Preview

League of Legends 2020 LCS Summer Split Week 8 Preview

It turns out that Cloud9 are human after all. Following a 17-1 Spring Split and a 9-0 start to the Summer Split, it appeared that this team was nigh unbeatable. Their League of Legends betting odds every week were reaching dizzying heights, so you made a small fortune if you bet against them these last few weeks. C9 have dropped three of their last five matches with losses to 100 Thieves, Evil Geniuses, and Team Liquid. Still, they are the team to beat in the LCS Summer Split with an 11-3 record entering the penultimate week of the regular season.

League of Legends 2020 LCS Summer Split Week 8 Betting Odds

FlyQuest -200

100 Thieves +145

FlyQuest are one victory away from locking down a playoff spot. The Spring Split runner-up has been surpassed by the three juggernauts in the region, but FlyQuest have proven they have the talent to topple every other team outside of C9. PowerOfEvil continues to be the main carry, dealing out almost 30 percent of his team’s damage per Games of Legends, while WildTurtle has reclaimed his starting spot in the bottom lane from Mash. Ignar is one of the best supports in the region, and the value he has gotten out of Rakan (9.7 KDA) might lead to 100 Thieves taking it out of his hands.

We have seen the Thieves continue to take one step forward and two steps back. It appeared this team had turned a corner in Week 5 with victories over FlyQuest and Cloud9 spearheaded by Contractz, but they have since dropped three of their last four matches. Poome has shown some real playmaking potential in support though, and Ssumday can bully Solo in the top lane, making the Thieves a decent upset pick.

Cloud9 -575

Golden Guardians +355

The defending champions may have lost to Liquid last week, but it’s clear they were trying something different. Their decision to take plenty of tanks (Shen, Sett, and Sona) in that game really flustered their opponents, and it could have led to a victory if not for a couple tactical mistakes in the mid game. C9 had a 4k gold lead at 23 minutes, but they lost the match just six minutes later after allowing Tactical’s Ezreal to get fed.

Don’t be surprised if C9 decide to try something new in this game too as Reapered is using the time before playoffs to experiment. They are good enough to beat Golden Guardians with a suboptimal team composition, but you probably want to wait until you see the draft before betting on this match.

Team Liquid -345

Counter Logic Gaming +240

Speaking of Tactical, he has more than filled the shoes of Doublelift given his performance in the Summer Split. The young bottom laner has really shined on Ezreal and Aphelios, administering 31.7 percent of his team’s total damage, and CoreJJ has helped his development immensely as a former world champion. Broxah has been strong in the jungle, but the question is in the top lane where Impact has been largely hit or miss.

Impact was the difference maker when these teams met earlier this split though. He picked up seven of his team’s 10 kills on Shen, using his Stand United to great effect as Deus’ Ornn couldn’t punish him. We ight see a similar strategy this time around as CLG don’t have a bus driver in the top lane.

Team Dignitas -125

Immortals -110

These are the two worst teams in the LCS, so this is essentially a playoff eliminator. The loser of this match will have a hard time making it to the postseason, especially if it’s Immortals given their earlier loss to Dignitas.

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