2019 LEC Summer Split Playoffs Winners Bracket Finals Betting Preview

By  Jonathan Willis

Friday, August 30th, 2019

2019 LEC Summer Split Playoffs Winners Bracket Finals Betting Preview

Sometimes everything works out perfectly. While attempts to put together super-teams in other regions have mostly failed to pan out, G2 Esports’ endeavor has been a rousing success. G2 have been phenomenal this year. They cruised to the LEC Spring Split title, and they became the first European team to win a major international title since 2011 by beating SK Telecom T1 and Team Liquid to claim the Mid-Season Invitational. They were the first team to qualify for the World Championships two weeks ago, and they are now looking to punch their ticket to the LEC Summer Split Finals with a win over Fnatic this Saturday.

2019 LEC Summer Split Playoffs Winners Bracket Finals Betting Odds

G2 Esports -510
Fnatic +357

G2 are massive favorites in their series against Fnatic even though Fnatic were the first team to beat G2 in the Summer Split. Bwipo popped off in that game, taking Renekton into the top lane and having a lot of success in the early game against Irelia, but the real hero was Broxah. Fnatic’s jungler posted a 20 KDA on Gragas, constantly setting up his top lane and mid lane in a very bloody game.

The second meeting between these two teams saw G2 thrash Fnatic. Caps had a stellar performance on Azir, surviving the early game and then flourishing in the mid game once he got a few kills, and Perkz was brilliant on Xayah in the bottom lane. Mikyx was constantly diving with Pyke too, showering his teammates with gold when his ultimate landed.

It’s interesting that Fnatic did not have Rekkles play a marksman in either of their regular season meetings. For years, Rekkles has been Fnatic’s insurance policy, outplaying his counterparts with clutch plays past the 30-minute mark. However, Fnatic opted to put their star AD Carry on Karma, a champion that he does not enjoy playing.

There will probably be at least one game where Rekkles plays a traditional AD Carry, but it is unlikely to go well for Fnatic. The team knows that Rekkles’ champion pool is relatively shallow given his skill and reputation, and G2 can likely counter whatever composition they put in place around his pick.

G2 are incredibly creative and versatile, and that has made them the best team in Europe by a wide margin. Their five starters were all named First Team All-LEC, and those aren’t just trolling picks. It’s really hard to make a case that any other player should have been chosen over one of G2’s starters.

The defending champions have been smurfing for the last few weeks, hiding everything in anticipation of the playoffs. They are guaranteed to unleash some new things that we haven’t seen before, and they will probably showcase some of their old favorites too. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Wunder take Pyke into the top lane once more, and there are going to be other shenanigans.

If this were a one-game series or a best of three, I think Fnatic would have a chance. However, G2’s creativity and adaptability give them a significant advantage. Even if they are surprised by one or two strategies, it’s very unlikely that they would lose given their talent and versatility.

I’m going to call for G2 to win this series 3-1. I believe Fnatic will win either the first or second game with a new look that G2 hasn’t seen before, but a quick adaptation or a target ban will quickly put things back in G2’s favor. This G2 team is destined to repeat and Fnatic just don’t have the tools to knock them off.

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