2019 League of Legends World Championship Play-In Stage Day 1 Preview

By  Jonathan Willis

Friday, September 27th, 2019

2019 League of Legends World Championship Play-In Stage Day 1 Preview

At long last, the field for the League of Legends World Championship has been set. There will be 24 teams from 13 different regions competing for the right to hoist the Summoner’s Cup in early November, and the tournament will get underway on October 2. The draw for this competition will take place on September 23, but there is some value to be had in League of Legends futures bets before the draw plays out. Let’s take a look at some potential plays for the five-week long event.

2019 League of Legends World Championship Play -In Stage Day 1 Betting Odds

Clutch Gaming -275
Unicorns of Love +226

The Unicorns of Love are finally at Worlds, but as a member of the LCL and not the LEC. The LCL representative is usually pretty competitive during the Play-In Stage, and we have seen teams like Albus NoX Luna shock the world in the past. Veteran Edward was signed to be the support, and three players from the Vega Squadron side that made it to the Mid-Season Invitational were added by UoL in the spring.

If they can neutralize Huni in the top lane, they have a great chance at winning this match. Huni is the most reliable member of Clutch, and he has a lot of experience on this stage. Look for UoL to prioritize a power pick for top laner Boss as a result.

Splyce -400
Detonation FocusMe +317

For once, the LJL representative at MSI didn’t disappoint. DFM went 4-2 in the Play-In Stage, finishing just behind Vega Squadron for the right to move on to the knockout rounds. That has given DFM some encouragement heading into Worlds, but their play style does not match up well with Splyce here. Both teams play for the late game and don’t prioritize early game aggression. Splyce are much better in the late game than DFM, so the Japanese side will need to move out of their comfort zone.

Unicorns of Love -245

Teams from Oceania never fare well on the international stage, and there’s no reason to believe that MAMMOTH will be any different. Players like Triple and k1ng have experience in this situation, but they just don’t have the skillset of the other teams at this tournament. Unicorns of Love should have little trouble with them.

Isurus Gaming -145
Detonation FocusMe +125

Competition is a good thing, and the lack of competition for Isurus Gaming is going to hurt the long-time organization here. There must be complacency for players like Oddie and Seiya that continue to get to this stage but no further. Isurus went 2-4 at MSI with a loss to Bombers, so I’ll take my chances with DFM here.

Clutch Gaming -700

This won’t be close. Clutch are better than MAMMOTH at every position, and they know this is a match they can’t afford to lose. Players like Damonte and Cody Sun will have time to shake out the nerves from their first game, and this match will be over inside of 30 minutes. Clutch aren’t a great team, but they are far better than MAMMOTH.

Splyce Gaming -475
Isurus Gaming +367

Early game jungling is going to be very important in this tournament, and Splyce have one of the best early game junglers in Xerxe. Xerxe was a big part of Splyce’s success all season, and his ability to get his team ahead in the early game will make all the difference here. My one concern is if Vizicsacsi reverts back to the player we saw in the spring when Splyce really struggled.

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