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The Amazing Race 28 Betting OddsReality TV Betting Online: If you’re looking for the best advice for entertainment wagering, you’ve certainly come to the right place. Here at Bookmaker sportsbook we’re previewing the 28th season of The Amazing Race beginning February 12th, 2016 on CBS, featuring Phil Keoghan, Tyler Oakley, Brittany Oldehoff, Jessica Versteeg and Zach King.

As viewers prepare for the season finale of The Amazing Race 27 this week, the next season is already in the works with The Amazing Race 28 set to make its television debut on February 12th, 2016 on CBS. There should be odds set up soon as to which contestants will emerge victorious in entertainment wagering.

The Amazing Race is a reality show where eleven two-person teams compete for a cash prize in a race around the world. Typically, the show and the race are broken down into 12 legs with each episode featuring a different leg of the race. The show debuted on March 8th, 2001 and has crowned 26 winners so far with the 27th winning team to be revealed this week. The eleven teams are eliminated at each week based on their performance in each leg. The last team to finish a leg is generally sent home. This Emmy-winning reality show typically receives around 10 million viewers each week. The last team to be crowned, during The Amazing Race 26, were Laura Pierson and Tyler Adams from Team SoCal. Peirson and Adams were blind dating on the show that featured only couples that season.

Often, new seasons will feature a different theme or rule change. This upcoming season, The Amazing Race 28, will showcase social media personalities from various outlets like YouTube, Vine and Instagram competing for the $1 million grand prize. Among this year’s cast are Tyler Oakley and Korey Kuhl, two friends whom have achieved fame through YouTube, Instagram models Brittany Oldehoff and Jessica Versteeg and Zach King and his wife Rachel King who are well-known on Vine. The first leg of next year’s Amazing Race will feature the team’s starting from an American destination and making their way to Mexico City. Filming for the 28th season began on November 15th.

The Amazing Race 27 was the latest installment of the show to air and is currently still in season. The 27th season debuted on September 25th, 2015. As the season finale approaches, it’s down to three teams on Amazing Race 27: news anchors Kelsey and Joey, paparazzi Logan and Chris and the engaged couple Justin and Diana. The 12th and final episode titled “We Got a Chance, Baby” will air on December 11th where the winner will be crowned and the $1 million cash prize will be awarded in entertainment wagering. New in the 27th season is the introduction of the Express Pass. This pass can only be used once and must be given to another team to use in the next leg once used in entertainment betting.

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